I’m not your typical real estate agent 😎

I’ve had a love affair with old homes, castles, monasteries and villas since I was a child. We’d spend a month every summer in Portugal and my Uncle Mario made sure he’d take a week off to show me some of the most amazing historical places in Portugal. He often said that I knew and had seen more of the historical sites in the country than the natives And so it began …
Fast forward to college and reading The Art of the Deal while taking the train into Manhattan for my internship on the mortgaged backed trading floor for Merrill Lynch, to getting my real estate license when graduating college for “sh!ts and giggles” as my then best friend had said while working for Merrill Lynch on Wall Street after graduating.
After getting married and wanting to give up the crazy commute and hours, I transitioned into local government working for the City Manager, Mayor and when needed the Assessor’s office and I got bit by the real estate bug again and became an appraiser on the weekends.
1995 brought change and a relocation to Atlanta, Georgia where I could finally be a stay at home mom! Yay!!! Not … 2 months later I was going nuts, talked to the agent that sold us out home amd had my licenses transferred.
Well, then came my second daughter April 1997 and I took a back seat. BUT … I couldn’t get real estate out of my system. So, we bought some rentals. 2003, I jumped back in and here I am!!! Mom of two amazing young women (a Yankee and a Rebel) with a hubby of 30+ years
Now … not only have I owned rentals, done flips and worked with investors and retail buyers and sellers … I am on a MISSION to teach real estate agents how to Flip the Switch and learn to invest in what they sell everyday! Not only that but how to truly solve problems for people where perhaps selling their home traditionally is not the best solution for them. I’m teaching agents how to think creatively and at time identify opportunities for them while also solving a sellers problem.
Oh and one more thing … empowering agents and entrepreneurs to think about living a life by design and planning for retirement 💰

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