that girl motivation

‘that girl’

hey! so this is my small website that i made to motivate ‘that girl’ moods for you. while i was making this website it asked what i was famous for, and i aint famous so good luck tryna get to know me. if i can i am gonna post daily about things to help you keep motivated and possibly videos to encourage all people struggling. dont worry i aint some creepy old man off the internet... im honestly a young girl who wants to help people stay positive! but ye i am all about positivity so u need some motivation talk to me. anyways im super tired of writing so bye 😃😃

that girl motivation

be organised !!

being organised is so important for being ‘that girl’. being organised also helps with motivation, waking up in the morning and staying refreshed.

how to act

okay. so this probably sounds a bit demanding, but really this is optional. if you don’t like the way you act right now feel free to use these tips. act natural don’t go to over the top. if you want to look prettier than you already are then just use a little touch of mascara or lipgloss. don’t do to much otherwise you will look chavy. just act natural, confident and focus on learning and mental health.