Servant * Happiness * Empowerment

I am a child of God, a faithful wife, a loving mother, a rejoicing grandmother and always a friend.

Hiii!!! I am so glad that we have been connected.  

I just want to share about me and how I have come to be in this wonderful business.  I am in the older generation.      I worked jobs which have showed me the value of work, the value of money  and the value in myself.   I went to work day after day ( and even didn't some days because I was not able to go due to my circumstances.) On the days that I went, some were good, some were not. Even so, they taught me that work had to be done.  Also, working at such places taught me that money is essential to survive (almost like a revolving is essential to have money to have a nice car but on the other hand, it is a must to have a reliable car to make some money.) 

I have learned that money does not create happiness.   One of my jobs paid excellent money but it was the worst job I have ever had.   All of my previous jobs have allowed me to realize what my dream job is and how jobs can determine a lot of what I am able to do.   That, my friend, is why this is my perfect job. 
I love to be of service to others for the Glory God. I like having time for family and friends.

My biggest encouragement to you is that you look deep within yourself and find what is your happiness.   Figure out how to make your success work for you instead of always working to be successful.   See what your dreams are and work at making them come true without the process of losing yourself.

This job has opened many doors for me in my pursuit of happiness.

And it can do the same for you!!!