My Neverending Journey into Sedeir, Runes, Norse Paganism, and All Around Heathenry

I've been following my roots back through my ancestry to figure out why I've always felt this magic in my bones, and an uncontrollable pull back to my roots in herbalism, magic, and devination.

I've decided to share my journey with others not only to help others but also to continue learning and find my tribe.
I've been practicing sedeir as a hedwitch, a lone witch, me my birds and my dogs for a long time and have decided to find out if that's my path or if I will finally find my tribe or if I was meant to be a solitary witch.
I hope I can help others find there path as well as I welcome you into my world of howling ravens, talking dogs and compass directing moons.
As I follow my path, my fate upon the norns and the knowledged of my blood, my gods and my moon, I have also rekindled my love of art as well through my journey and sometimes it's the only way for me to describe my visions, my feelings and my story. So with that said I will also be adding my art along with my stories, some old, some new, some not finished but all for sale if it moves you like it did me.
For sale along with my art will be rune sets blessed by the gods, spells, herbs... A magical apothecary of the things I've learned along my way. I hope I can inspire, envoke, or at least spark a light into the other world's that surround us all the time, you just need to stop and smell the yarrow.