How I was able to leave my 9-5 in 12 months and also move to bali

I stepped away from this for TWO YEARS and it STILL paid me every month…

Your vision matters.
The life you want matters.
What your soul desires matters.
Abundance in all forms is your birthright.
Living into the highest version of yourself matters.
It’s up to you to live into all of that.
It’s literally your souls purpose here on earth.

I have watched a LOT of everyday people use this vehicle to
Retire themselves
Their partners
Become stay at home with their children
Buy their first homes
Their dream vehicles
Pay off their debts
Pay off their parents debts
And a whole lot more..

Back in 2018 I sort of fell into network marketing unknowngly. I actually ended up having great success, 5 ⭐️ all expenses paid trips around the world, being paid online, it opened up my eyes to a world outside the 9-5 that anyone can achieve if they put their mind to it.
I soon realised that I was constantly chasing my tail, relying on people to reorder and the payoff just wasn’t worth it.. I got over it.

I began longing for something else. Something sustainable and that I could work towards that would set me up properly for life.
And that’s when I found this in may 2019.
I saw what was possible. And was like f it. So I started and was left with only a few dollars to my name.

Within 12 months I was able to leave my 9-5.
In feb 2020 I earned enough from this alone to put a deposit on mine and my ex partners house we moved into in 2020.
Through lockdown 2020 I OVER DOUBLED my jobs income.
I went from totally broke to a 6 figure earner.
My entire dream life unwravelled in 2020 and I was dead set on 7 figures.

2021 and 2022 I made the biggest mistake of my life and went on pause with this business.

I know exactly what this business has to give, once you fully understand it and how it can literally have your back for life, you will realise NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING compares to this.

I’ve been in many things online, with switched on people in web3, NFTS, crypto, a lot of things online from those success gurus.
None of them holds as much success and those who have made THIS vehicle happen.
You’ll be surprised at how much potential you have here to our earn a lot of ‘big dogs’ who are super successful in business…
Without having to look the traditional flash way.

I am here to support you in this journey and run alongside you.

If you are serious about creating $10k-100k months, book your clarity call with me and we can break it down.

Once you have booked in a 1:1 clarity call with me let me know so I can send you a breakdown of what’s possible before we speak.

See you in there 😌