How ive made a fully automated income with cryptø

The world is heading to digital currency and away from normal fiat money

I’ve been successful in network marketing and also created a 6 figure online business but never have I seen my money expand like this for me before... and never have I been able to offer something to every single person that starts to have a real and much more stable opportunity to create financial independence for themselves.
This is the reason why i got my mum packs for Christmas so they can retire in 4 years on a passive income of thousands each week. I don’t want to see my parents struggle ever and I want everyone to be able to create a life never will have to if they choose so.

I started in November 2020 and had no idea about crypto or anything.. within 3 months we TRIPLED a full time income and just this week (it’s 13th feb 2021 as I write this) I have made 6.5k this week already and will be paid again tomorrow (Sunday) another 6 times 😭.
Please do know we do actively build this.
But.... you will be paid regardless.
Each Sunday your paid and it is money that you don’t even have to do anything for...
You can choose to refer people, but you won’t have to/need to it doesn’t matter.

Welcome to the world of being paid each week for doing nothing.. yup I said it!

Banks will pay us $2 a month for having over 20k in our savings and trade with our money every day for millions.
We were blown away within 72 hours we saw a return from a $300USD investment that was over that of what we would earn from our savings in a month!

With this.
Everyone wins.
You are paid every single Sunday regardless of if you do anything!

I have made an 8 minute video explaining this all below.
Please note this is something that takes time to grow, you can go as fast as you like though.

I’ve made a binance video to help guide you to start as it’s a worldwide wallet.

Once you have started, let me know after so I’m aware and can send you guides around upgrading etc to earn more.

Otherwise happy days earning money each week!

DISCLAIMER- CFX is an educational platform and we are investing in a service.
All previous returns do not guarantee future results.
I do not know of one single person who has missed a weeks pay.

For tax please speak to your accountant.


DO NOT USE ANY CFX APP THERE IS NO CFX APP. It is not legitimate and you will lose your investment so please stick to the links below.

Also hi to all the trolls that like to screen shot my stuff and hate in their lil lives 🥴😆

8 minute video explaining CashFX

I’ve made a short video explaining how this money is made on complete autopilot for you.
And no your money cannot be lost or anything as your pack stays and cannot go ‘down’.
You are paid each Sunday regardless of if you do anything! So cool :-)

How to start ALL COUNTRIES NZ/AUS etc

step by step WORLD WIDE guide

Please ensure you have set up a binance wallet (it’s super simple!)
And registered/created your cfx account under pick your pack in this link :-)
In this video I will take you through step by step!

-you will need to buy your packs worth of BTC throughput binance. For example you will need to buy around 450$ NZD of BTC if you want the 300pack (as the packs are in USD).
You will need to send that Bitcoin that you brought to your cfx to pay for your pack.

Please note if you are going to use binance you must manually add the fee.

**please do not close the window even after you get the green tick just keep the tap open till you get confirmation email.
It’s fine to close your device or go into other apps.

your pack will start trading automatically in 72 business hours


and last but not least pick your pack and begin earning your money on autopilot!
*please ensure the above is completed first before you choose your pack.
So you’ve completed how to get started world wide guide first :-)


You can get your Wirex card here. A Wirex card equals all currencies, and how we spend our Bitcoin anywhere! Pretty epic right 😻


haha we thought we would make this video and it would be funny to look back on! our first bitcoin spend on our favourite tank 🧃😆
you can literally buy whatever, groceries clothes etc whatever- it just works exactly like an eftpos


Step by step YouTube video. Please don’t go spend all your BTC CFX makes you you want to be paid small each week because you spend all your money? Or live fully free on 5k+ a week when you have a 100k pack? I know what I rather.

Basic run down of what bitcoin is for complete newbies

I thought I would make this video for people who don’t quite understand Bitcoin- this is a short and easy to understand even if you have no idea about crypto currency.

Due diligence video

Hey! I thought I would pop this in there because there’s so many different opinions online and well.. anyone can say anything online really 😅
Please go with what feels right for YOU and know it’s your choice in any moment.

This due diligence video goes into more detail and can be really helpful if you need it.

I mean they are oldies 😂 but the explain things very well