Hi, I’m Jackie!

mommy, biz owner, + diyer

Before starting this business, i was working a part-time job and a single mommy to my little girl. While also attending part-time at the university for my interior design major and trust me it does get overwhelming but with time management you can do it all. Ever since i became a mommy i wanted to get a job that i can do from home that way i can spend more time with my little girl and not miss out on anything!

I want to give my daughter the best life no matter the struggle, she's my world and i want to give her the world. But constantly living paycheck to paycheck was not the life i wanted to live for the rest of my life. I wanted to do something more than a 9-5 job that allows me to find my full potential within myself!

Until one day when i was on TikTok, i saw this girl making four figures from her phone and just recently quit her 9 to 5 job! i was very curious after learning that! So I reached out to her for more info. and she answered every question I had for her and the most important one for me was, "Do you believe it's the best thing that ever happens to you?". Yes! It was and i was all set to do the same!

Working from home is truly a blessing! I found products that actually WORK to supplement my lifestyle, and I get to work towards creating my own life the way I want it to look like. Taking control of my life & help others in any way that I can and in this business, I get to do just that!

My word of the year is VISION. It means to visualize exactly what I want in life, how I'm going to reach my goals, and how I can help other people share their story, struggles and all! ♡

Quote of the Day

Begin. Even if you have no idea if it will work.