About Me

I am Amanda. I am a editor. This is my Lovatic Page. I create photos for myself, and share them with others. I do this for myself when I'm down and alone, feeling sad. I create my feelings. I find a way to reflect that energy into making art. I live in California. I am 26. I have a son. I've been a Lovatic since 2007. Never have I ever left. I am a supporter of Demi. No matter what. I love her fans. I couldn't ask for a better support group than Lovatics they always have been there for me as well as I try to spread kindness, love and inspiration to them daily through my page. Because we dont need anymore hate in this world I try to be uplifting as I can with what I do to spread kindness. I'm forever thankful for the love and support from people who've really inspired me along the way and helped me grow as an editor as well. Learning new things is always hard. If you believe you can do it and put your will into it. You'll be able to do it. I'm always here for anyone whoever needs a friend or support. I love helping people. If you wouldn't mind to get to know me, follow me down below all my other pages are on the next page