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Let’s cut to the chase then get to the details

My name is Aerielle.

What I do:
⚡️I change lives by equipping individuals with resources they never knew existed
⚡️With a holistic approach to all I do I have become a resource for many by giving trustworthy, reliable products and services and opportunities
⚡️I create digital courses helping parents understand their child’s unique design
⚡️Living for my highest self
⚡️NFT Art & Crypto +l
⚡️and some other cool things 😉

Now for the details:
I’m a creative, pure hearted, mama of 3 little ladies never letting labels dictate the life I live! I strive to continually teach my own girls how to live an life filled with excitement and abundance, discover their passions AND be limitless at what they do!

It was hard as a young adult trying to live life on everyone else’s terms but I knew I was destined for so much more. I’ve never felt like I quite fit in and it took me late into my 20s after having 3 kids to discover the why behind that and what had been missing, This has unraveled a world of endless opportunity and beauty. For once in my life I finally found direction and understood exactly what I am here to do and the exciting journey fulfilling that process!

At that point, living with my higher good in mind, life began to drastically change for the better. Through my design I learned how much happier I was especially as the 1% — now having this unique advantage and vantage point I’m now able to best empower others through what I’ve learned. I’ve been able to equip them with not only all that makes them unique but how to use what they have to work with to their advantage making a difference in their lives and those around them.

No matter who you are, know we all stumble on certain people and things at the perfect time and nothing is coincidence. I love being able to help change people’s lives because what good is it to sit on what I know? So here I am just trying to help others live out their best lives.

SHere are a few ways I can be of value to you:

🌿If you are a parent I welcome you to check out my courses, We work together in helping mend mind, body, spirit in achieving a more balanced, purpose filled and fulfilling life in a way that’s unique to you and your child(ten).

🌿You can be a subscriber to Optimal Existence which offers paid, free and minimal cost content which can be accessed by simply subscribing to the mailing list. DM me for access or browse around.

🌿We can work in a mentorship / mentee setting within an opportunity where you’ll be able to stand beside a tribe of like minded men and women who whole heartedly LOVE the work we do.

🌿I LOVE to be a source of knowledge and healthy on the inside and out, I’m a total open book for anyone who needs any advice on all things self help, homeschool and healthy living oriented!

🌿 Most importantly, my goal is to be a friend that holds space that promotes your best version of yourself! There is SO much to be grateful for in this beautiful life we’ve been given.

Let us

❤️I look forward being of service to you ❤️

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