Thena Luu - I teach people how to date with clarity and confidence.

Connect more, less drama, and have more fun in your dating life!

If you have a pattern of being in relationships that are ambiguous or you are the one who is ambiguous in relationships…this can be confusing and frustrating. Or you’re in a situation where you’re undecided about the relationship and need clarity.

This is where the magic happens, your inner wisdom and my guidance will put you on a new path and you will be able to differentiate between an unhealthy or fairly healthy relationship that may need a different approach in order for the relationship to bloom. You have to know what is in front of you before you can make decisions that make sense for what your relationship goals are, or to understand what you want in a relationship if you’re unsure.

You will also learn about how we
block ourselves from being in healthy relationships and how to change this pattern so that you can use your energy and time in a meaningful way. I’ll teach you about how women and men have different ways of thinking based on biology and social conditioning. Being able to understand our differences is a valuable tool and will help us navigate dating and relationships with more ease. Everyone wants to be heard and understood, it is a gift to experience this from another person.

If you are ready for change and my perspective resonates with you, please book a 15 minute call with me to see if we would make a good team. I can support you if you’re ready to commit to change. I want to respect your time by providing quality coaching sessions for you.

It’s an amazing feeling when you can speak your truth, take inspired action, and all the while doing it in a way that you can be proud of, with grace, maturity, and confidence. Be excited because your dating life is going to uplevel big time.

Match Making Services:

➡️ I’m offering match making in February of 2023. Please send an email to get notified for openings for a Spring Match Making Event with quality humans.

Coaching Sessions & Pricing:

➡️ 3 Sessions: $295 for 50 minutes each session
➡️ 5 Sessions: $450 for 50 minutes each session

➡️ A Full Day of Conversation, Breakthroughs & Strategy: $595 between 10am - 3pm. Lunch is included and this session is available on weekends and locally in the the Bay Area, CA.

Couples Sessions:

➡️ Coaching Package: $360 for three 60 minute sessions. The first two sessions will be individual sessions with each person, and the last session will be a shared session with both people. In person, virtual, or phone.

➡️ Extra Sessions are $130 for 60 minutes. Virtual or Phone.

Look forward to learning more about you. ✨


“Thena is a woman who will bring you deeper into yourself so that you can find your own wisdom within. She has this way about her that is extremely nurturing and inviting yet fierce and direct. Such a wonderful balance to have in a coach. She has helped me both accept where I am at and stretch for possibilities much bigger at the same time. With Thena I feel safe to be me, more unapologetic in my femininity, and stronger in my truest desires.” -Brittany

I reached out to Thena at a time when I felt so confused, broken and undervalued in my relationship. After the initial call with Thena, I immediately felt seen and understood and knew that I would feel safe sharing my innermost feelings and thoughts with her. I signed up to 10 sessions with Thena, which was nothing short of transformative for my life. Through these sessions, Thena opened up my mind to so many possibilities and enabled me to really start believing that I deserved to live a life that was magical. Before coaching sessions, I actually did not think this was possible! Thena provided me with tools and helped coached me through scary conversations, encouraging me to be brave and speak from my heart and a place that was more aligned with my true values. Thanks to becoming more empowered through my coaching sessions, I was able to work on patterns that were blocking me from truly enjoying my relationship, which is now in the best place! I feel so much more confident and capable after these sessions and would highly recommend Thena if you want to start living a more magical life! -Bella

“Thena opened up my eyes and showed me that I’m valuable, capable, and that can do hard things. I’m not afraid to speak up or fail, I know that I’ll learn and grow from stepping out of my comfort zone. I feel so much more confident and strong as a person. I’ve felt comfortable with her since day one, she cares so much.” - Mandy