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Fall seven times, Stand up eight ✨ (est. July 6, 2020)

🍑 '05 liner
🍒 infj-t
🍋 Aries
🍓 fangirl
🥑 a dreamer (aspiring md)
🍇 in the process of learning and exploring things

♡Thank you for allowing me to express myself here♡ (might transfer this to wordpress soon when the right time comes)
(i hope if you noticed some mistakes about my spelling, grammar, punctuations, or anything, please feel free to say it to me because i did this on the spot)

So yeah, quarantine made me do this. Thank you for inspiring me to do this ghorl, you might be reading this. I'm so glad we became friends. You're such an inspiration.

This quarantine is just so tiring. Tired because of just doing the same thing everyday. I guess, this is better than going outside because there's an ongoing pandemic plus our government is still not making a solution for this. (HOHO, Mass Testing po ang hinihingi namin!!)

I'm thankful for this quarantine because it made me realize many things and lessons. Though I can't apply it yet in the outside world (yes, because I'm here inside my house the whole day).

Always remember that whenever you feel down, just look at small little things around you. We all should be grateful everyday, in that way we can make our life brighter for each passing day. Always remember to pray to Him whenever you're feeling happy or sad, for He will guide us always along the way, whatever path we'll take. Thank You for not leaving us all alone.

To my friends or family who are reading this, wala po akong magawa hehe. I love you all. Thank you for staying with me through thick and thin.

🍀Bullet Journalist's Journey (est. June 16, 2020)
This quarantine, I also recently started to try bullet journaling. (of course, you can donate me stationeries uwu chour). I just want to keep the account secret first because I'm not yet confident for everyone to see it. I just realized that it will be helpful to me to be more organized. If I am also struggling in something, I can write down my thoughts on a journal notebook so that I would feel better.
In addition to that, I want to keep myself busy from other things (aside from just watching animes and movies all day). Having also a journal notebook will help me to look back to my past in the future.

I don't know what to say anymore. I hope y'all are feeling okay. You can always talk to me if you have problems. Remember that if you're facing a hard time right now, that will pass too soon.

I will think of more topics to discuss in here. Thank you for passing by here ♡.

🍀 Real Me (July 6, 2020)
Some people are often mistaken to me that I am masungit and snob everytime when they try to talk to me. As an introvert, I still experience stage frights and I can't really express myself properly personally so please allow me to talk about it here (yes im already talking about it na). Please don't be mistaken. I'm still trying to go out of my shell and stay out of my comfort zone. It's like a baby steps. Step by step process for me to be like a fully grown butterfly.
I am an awkward and anxious person, so I think whenever there's someone talking to me, I easily think that maybe she/he's pissed of by me. I always think that I did something bad to him/her. Of course, it is not shown by my face if I'm upset about something because I always hide my face with a mask. Then if I go to bed, I can't even sleep properly, thinking about what did I do to that person. I am not used to saying my problems to them too because I think it'll pile up to their problems instead. I am also not used to speak up publicly in front of many people (when I'm speaking in English, I stutter a lot, but when it comes to writing and typing, many ideas will pop in my mind). I hope I could overcome this soon. I know it will take time with a little step by step process.

Many many thanks to my friends who are always starting the conversations just to talk to me. Even though I am always silent all the time, you're all also pursuing me to talk about some things. Take note though I'm so loud and talkative when I'm with them. HAHAHAH. Love y'all. Thank you for reading. ♡

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