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Thank you for some how stumbling upon my little corner of the internet! My name is Hayley Beth although I often just get called Beth. I live in the South West of England I am figuring out life after uni!

I know about me pages can be a little dull so I’ve decided to answer some questions to try and make it a little more interesting!

What is my favourite Cocktail?
I don’t often drink cocktails, I’m more of a gin liqueur and lemonade kind of girl. But if I had to choose it would definitely be sex on the beach!

What food takes me back to a moment in my childhood?
Definitely sausage and mash! For a while whenever we went out anywhere to eat on holiday I would always order bangers and mash! From memory, my favourite was from a pub in Minehead.

What made me want to study journalism?
There were actually two pretty big reasons. The first being the urge to actually do something with my life and escape my dead end job. The second, well I love to write and I also talk quite a lot so it seemed like a no brainer really!

What is my favourite candle scent?
I love anything that smells like food! Christmas candles are my all time favourite as they are usually scents like peppermint, cinnamon and all my favourite baked goods. But as we get closer to summer I do tend to pick up the fruitier candles, the more tropical the scent the better!

What is my favourite colour?
Yellow! More specifically mustard yellow. I recently embraced wearing more colours and yellow was just the colour I really fell in love with. This love has now extended to decor bits and bedding! Basically the colour yellow is taking over my life!