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About Monat

From My Experience

I began the Monat journey as a way to try new products that actually worked for my fine hair. It had been a year post my vsg (bariatric) surgery and my hair was falling non-stop in clumps. I had been hearing many reviews about Monat good & bad like any other product! There will always be people some products work for and some that absolutely don’t. Nothing better than to TRY for YOURSELF sometimes instead of just going based on reviews. 9 times out of 10 I have gone with my gut instinct and given things a chance. I decided to order some products as a VIP member with a friend to support her in this endeavor and ended up falling in love with my shampoo after only using it for 2 weeks. I decided to push forward to try it for a full month, which is the trial period Monat gives you- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! I did not think further and kept my products and kept using them. I then reached out to my friend and decided to hop on as a Market partner.

I have always been the kind of person that shares good products, gadgets and experiences with everyone and this was no different. I wanted to share with all my friends that my hair felt way healthier than it ever had and more manageable. With it being so fine it would always get tangled and I could never run my fingers through without them getting stuck. I have bad dandruff problems to the point where my scalp would look red! In the past I had gone to the dermatologist to get medicated shampoo and was recommended an over the counter shampoo that smelled like tar! The usual store bought shampoo advertised for this matter never really worked long-term. The intense repair shampoo and conditioner did it for me. I wash my hair every other day or 2 days and I don’t get my dandruff back. My hair still feels clean.

Now listen, I know many people are hesitant on trying new things especially products that are twice or more as much as your over the counter shampoo/conditioner. However, in the long run you don’t realize how much you’re spending in those over the counter products and harsh chemicals going into your hair. I only talk about the shampoo because I am currently still trying their skincare line and as previously mentioned, I like to try things first before recommending them. I also understand that a lot of my friends will think I’m crazy or not even support this, but its okay. To each their own. As I was growing up, my mom struggled as a single mother to raise my sister & I after my father passed and with everything she had, she took on being a top seller for Home Interiors, Avon and Mary Kay (who doesn’t remember that!?). Something I learned from her is that you have to keep pushing forward for yourself no matter what others think, say or even if you don’t obtain the support you were hoping for. Working hard for your own goals is what is all about and sometimes those closest to us are not the ones that will help those goals but rather strangers that with an open mind hear you. My mom taught me well and all I can say is that I’ll keep pushing forward for things I believe in.

Monat is more than just shampoo. They are a skincare, haircare and wellness company that focuses on naturally based products that address the effect on the environment, chemicals, product overuse and aging.

I could go on and on, but you can contact me to learn more about their products or even becoming a Market partner or vip member.