All about us and what we do

My husband and I decided to make a kink based website and app to help those in search for a significant other. That being said, he and I know how hard it is to find the perfect match. In order to make that easier for you, we have created a test that one will take. At first however, you must choose either The Playhouse path which is a bdsm test and related to bdsm, or you must choose The Paradise which is based on the lighter end of kink like littles and their caregivers. Then your test will be accessed and then you will be grouped into a selection of people with the same interests as you. From there, the fun starts. You can go ahead and message up to one hundred messages free! Our premium plan is affordable and always and option as well. We will be adding verification in as well but that will come later on. We do wish you the best on this journey and we do hope you find your significant other.


Welcome to the next dating app of the century. We are glad you chose to look us up. There are three stages you'll encounter in this app and or website. Unlike other apps or websites, our premium plan is fairly priced. At only 5 dollars a month one can unlock unlimited messages, loves, and see who has checked them out. We do hope you enjoy what we have to offer.