Turn Of Phrase —

A heartfelt evincive about undeniable comfort.

If you pay a visit on this website, it means that you are all set to read countless discourse about Daksa and a slight of reminder and thankfulness for Éclipse Agency.

Daksaidan Rama —

Brother slash gratification builder.

Our encounter was short while and I have known you only for the feature that you want to show to the earthlings. However, within our less than one day encounter, you have successfully build a room of comfort where I hope I won't leave the room so soon.

It has been countless days since I started my mission to seek-and-found a family who is capable on leaving a trace of warmth in me. Boo hoo. I found no someone until I met you, the easement and warmness I seek since forever. Now, I must officially state that the mission is already accomplished and I shall end my journey here.

It is summery to have someone who radiates joy whenever he talked to me. It is priceless to have someone who tries to create countless of topics to talk to. It is memorable to have someone that talked to me in the most adorable and exciting tone. I shall express my thankfulness for the short encounter I have with you. If I am given a chance to pick a flower, I would give you an Alchemilla Mollis.

Perks of having Daksa as my brother: Hilarious as heck, adorable, caring, talkative, randomly funny, kind, warm, easy going, good listener, sincere advice giver and the last but not least, he does this job with sincerity, not for the money. That's a very rare point these days.

Minus of having Daksa as my brother: If it is a google form, it should be made without the (*). Thanks.

Am I enjoying our session? Totally. To be perfectly honest, I don't feel like I am renting someone to become my brother but I feel like I am having an actual brother without any money transaction included. No wonder all of the testimonials said that you were a really best out of the best partner for them because I couldn't agree more.

I hope there will more people like Daksa out there.

Éclipse Agency —

World's #1 Talent Provider.

I don't think Éclipse is an agency, it is more like a home. I dare to said so because I took a promenade on the testimonial page and I could sense how the talents provide only comfort and delight. I shall express my gratitude also to Éclipse for providing not only a talent but also an actual great companion.

I think I had my lucky charm yesterday so my fingers lead me to Éclipse's account and consider to have one of your talent to become my companion for a day. There is no regret inked in my journey's book with one of your talent.

Thank you for providing a list of unbelievable talented brother, sister, bestie, girlfriend and boyfriend to everyone. With no doubt, it is valuable for someone out there who's in a desperate necessity of trusty companion.

On behalf everyone who had ever rented in Éclipse Agency, I said thank you for working hard! You have done an amazing tasks, all of you. I am proud of your holy works.

Reminders —

Made uncontaminatedly with untruth.

Are you Daksa? If you are, then this is for you.

Firstly, massive of thankfulness because I became the someone you trust of sharing your personal life's story. It is an honour for me. I should say it will never be easy to escape from the past where the past keeps running to you like you are the only right target for them to destroy, but I believe you would give a mantra to yourself every day that your strength is unbeatable and you will pass the downfall eventually.

Keep in mind that by surviving until today, you are already doing a little yet worthy progress of the heal. The future still will be drawing your bright story, so don't ever give up on reaching your light. If you needed someone to lean on, maybe I'll still be here. So, phone me anytime.

Are you Éclipse Agency and the talents? If you are, then this is for you.

I may not knowing each one of you, but I believe that you all had working hard to serve compassion to everyone who chose you as their companion. It must be tiring to carry the responsibility on your shoulder. I must admit, it is not an easy task to make someone feel the blithe, but you all have successfully made them experiencing one unforgettable moment in their life. That's a really great job, you know?

It is okay to take a rest in order to recharge your energy because it must be drains you out to make everyone curved their lips into a smile. You deserve the love and happiness too, remember that! Please take care of yourself, as great as you are taking care of your customers.

To Éclipse's townsman and towswoman, thank you for working hard until you made a great team and teamwork. I hope only the best for you all. Good luck on the current and upcoming works! I am pleased to write this letter to a blessed soul like you all. Tee hee.

To All Éclipse Agency's residents,