Love the Outdoors

Love the Outdoors, Love you

Our Mission Statement

To help people achieve a better mental wellbeing through nature and camping. Our goal is to teach you how to live a better life even after this program is over.

What we provide

Part 1: Survival

Everything you need to know before you go off into the Outdoors.


This course will teach you how to hunt, fish and forage for food.


This course will teach you how to build a shelter including tying knots and fire building.

What we provide

Now that you know the basics of survival it’s time to go into the outdoors and relax!


Watch this video to learn about what we provide and the cost.

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Physical benefits


Camping requires a lot of physical activities from setting up camp, gathering wood, fishing, swimming, hiking, etc.

Good food

The food we eat during camping is good, healthy food which is both good for your health and delicious.

Vitamin D

Being outside, your body gets a lot of Sunlight. The sun will give you vitamin D which helps absorb calcium and phosphorus.

Spiritual benefits

Better relationship

Camping is good for building stronger relationships with your friends and family. Having to trust them and being close let’s you get the human connections we all need.

Improved memory

When you’re out surrounded by trees and fresh air, you body releases more serotonin. Serotonin can improve cognitive functions such as memory and learning.

Stress reducer

Peace and Quiet

With no phones or technology alerting you, you will get more peace. And with no blue light you will get a better nights sleep.

Reduced stress

By removing common triggers like work, traffic, and social media and replacing them with the natural environment it will reduce stress.


Watch this video to learn the benefits of nature and camping.

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