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Our Mission

It’s more than a word; we love our planet, we love its inhabitants and we promise to always strive towards enacting that love by giving it life and transferring it into action. Actions that serve and protect our beautiful planet and its super special inhabitants. With the skilled massage therapists' hands of Amber and the Videography and general tinkering of Julian, we hope that our “do whatever we can” attitude propels us out into the world with a perpetually, active love.

Own less, have more.
This mantra is central to our desire to be nomadic, because we believe that this lifestyle gives more room for personal growth and leaves space in our lives to help others.

We understand the transformative power that media has on the human spirit. We want to use this power for good, to film things that are enlightening, hopeful, and lift up the spirits, as well as showcase other awesome humans who are acting out of LOVE for their planet and its people.

B is for Bus
Busses connect. In electronics, a bus is a place where several connections all come together to go off and make even more connections, to ultimately perform a task of some sort. For us, our bus is exactly the same. It's our connection to the world and it's a conduit for creativity and passion in the lives we lead.

U is for Us
Need we say more? We are all in this together.

S is for Savior
Jesus never stayed in one place for too long.
He was a propagator of truth.
He touched people, both in flesh and in spirit.
He wore comfortable clothes and we want to be as much like him as is humanly possible.

Thank you for choosing our bus for your adventures!

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