Beginner Classic + Volume Lash Course

Be your own boss!

Beginner Lash Course - 2 Day 1:1 Lash Training.

A 2 day course where you'll get all the knowledge from classic to volume lash techniques. This training is catered for any array of lash artist. No experience needed. This training includes coverage and hands on training on the following:

-Introduction to classic and volume lashes
-Pre and after care
-Application and removal
-Lash fills
-Tools and Products
-Styles of lash extensions
-Texture and mapping
-Live model practice
-Learn how edit pictures and videos

As part of this training you'll receive a classic and volume kit, manual, and certificate of completion.
(Lash Kit Valued at $500)

*Tentative itinerary*
Day 1- (Classic theory) 9am-12pm
(Lunch *provided*) 12pm-1pm
(Volume theory) 1pm-4pm
Day 2- (Live model day) 10am-1pm

**Please secure a model in advanced.

Class Investment - $1350
Deposit when booking - $300

Advanced Volume Training

Perfect for Lash Artist that’s ready to enhance their skills!

Advanced volume training is a one-day course for experienced classic and volume lash artists who is ready to elevate their knowledge and talent on the artistry with a focus on volume. Lash artist must be experienced in .03-.05 volume lashes and must be able to complete a set in 2.5-3hrs. This training includes coverage and hands-on training on the following:

-Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume styling
-Specifics of volume lashes
-Proper placement for better retention
-Lash removal, and fills
-Fan wrapping method
-Texture and mapping
-Tools and products
-Pinching fanning technique
-Live and mannequin practice
-Tips and tricks on marketing and social media
-Learn how to edit pictures and videos
-As part of this training, you will receive an advanced volume kit, manual, and certification of completion.

Volume Kit Valued at ($300)

Tentative itinerary
(Volume theory) 9am-12pm
(lunch provided) 12pm-12:30pm
(Live model) 12:45pm-4pm
You are responsible to secure a model in advance. If you're having difficulty finding someone or are coming from out of town for this training please contact me at booking or at your earliest convenience.

Class Investment - $900
Deposit - $200

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