About Me!!

I am made of AMBITION!

Hello friends, I’m so excited you’re here!

I have been dedicated to working and learning since the day I turned sixteen! I am currently twenty-one years old and beginning my very exciting journey through MONAT! Throughout the years, I have learned to deal with a handful of mental and physical health issues that have made me who I am today. Joining MONAT truly helped me walk out of a dark whole that I had been stuck in deeply for three years; not mention the full eight years that I have been diagnosed with depression. This company was able to do that for me through the self-development resources and the community alone. Of course there are many other great things about the company however, I am forever grateful for the mental saving I recieved!

My goal in life is to help others be the best version of themselves including myself. I want YOU to feel EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT! I am looking forward to connecting with so many new and old faces! I carry a very strong love and passion for people!!

A little bit more than I love people, I love DOGS! I personally own one beautiful pitbull named Chloe. One day, I hope to have many fur babies to call mine.