Grand Rising, Goddess! 💫

Spiritual Healing through Awakening the Goddess in you!

It’s been my heart’s work for over 13 years now to guide my spirit sisters into soulful awakening journeys. My journey as a Hypnotherapist & mentor has led me to help heal the hearts of over hundreds of beautiful souls in over 13,000 sessions! The gift has truly been all mine as we together evolve, expand, manifest & grow beyond our wildest imaginations together!

In my deep dive programs I help women move beyond past traumas, do deep soulful personal development work, restructure their habits through subconscious behavioral therapy, create epic love relationships with themselves & others, and connect to their spiritual awakening path so they can live their soul’s purpose out! It’s sheer authentic epic work we do! I love every bit of it!!!

Hypnotherapy has changed the game for some many of my goddesses globally, & as your Hypnosis genie 🧞‍♀️, I’m honored to guide you into your Highest Self! True love is within you, so let’s take the journey through it all as I wrap you in a cocoon of love to #LoveYourselfMadly ❤️💫 🌿! Thank you for choosing me to help guide you! Our soul work together is nothing short of miraculous! I don’t believe in coincidence, only divine timing!

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