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My name is Nicole, my friends call me Nikki.

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I'm a single Mom, juggling online homeschooling for a high schooler. I'm a fashion blogger & professional Home Stager. My plate is full all day everyday, sound like you? I spent year's drowning in Starbucks to keep me going + calories + crashing = weight gain, unhealthy, mood swings, depressed & deprived.

I did this for 10+ years.
I finally hit rock bottom when covid hit. I lost everything, my company, my self esteem, I was drinking way to much to coat my depression & weight gain. I gave up!

I was so skeptical about this program it took ONE entire year of watching another women go through the exact same journey. When she reached out in June this year, I finally said yes! I was at my lowest & was willing to try anything.

I received my package, ( still a skeptic)
The next morning, I threw the patch on my thigh, popped my two vitamins & before I had a chance to drink my nutritional shake, my mood had changed in a matter of 45 minutes. Hand to God!
I was singing, cleaning, organizing, you name it.
My Son said " Mom are you ok? " Ha I was fantastic. I continued this for 2 weeks, mind you 8 weeks is what I got. I lost 14 pounds, my brain fog was gone, my depression, Who dis, lol gone!
My anxiety bue bye,
Energy level off the charts. I was meal prepping, reading, writing, vision boards. I literally felt like I was 20 again. I'm 43 and I can honestly say. I have my life back!

Does this sound like YOU?
Are YOU tired all the time ?
Are YOU financially crippled?
Are YOU taking a ton of supplements but nothing is working?
Do YOU want to help other women get back on track & recieve your products free of charge?

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