Hi beautiful babes, it's Steph!

I created this page to share my keto journey with you all and to hopefully inspire and motivate others to join in this journey with me in being the best version of ourselves, both inside and out.

As a working mother of a two year old my health and wellbeing was put on the back burner when my beautiful daughter was born. Whilst pregnant I was advised to go on maternity leave early having suffered from a blood clot in my chest and preeclampsia. So I spent most of my time indoors, with my best form of company, food. I gained 84lbs, and maintained that weight for an entire 18 months after my daughter was born.

And then I found keto.

As I live in Ireland, I had not heard much about the keto diet, but somewhere along the way stumbled across it on Instagram, I studied the ins and outs and decided this was going to be 'it'. I commited fully to it, I was not deprived of any food or treats, I did not feel like I was missing out on anything, it was just a change of mindset and figuring out recipes to make keto versions of my favourite meals, and once I did it became second nature.

Today I've lost over 70lbs mostly coming off in the first 3 months and honestly I've never felt more 'awake'/happy in my life. Having suffered from depression for over 12 years, personally i'm now living my life medication free in the most positive way, I've so much clarity, energy, I sleep like a baby and everyone has noticed how happy I am, always.

I've so much appreciation for those who inspired me to start my journey and am so grateful to them all for sharing their stories on Instagram and inspiring others like me.

I hope I can do the same for others. I want you to feel incredible and happy too, everyday. You don't have to do it alone! Want to join me?...step by step, day by day, we got this!

Ketones + keto reboot

My Top Picks

These are some tools that have helped me on my keto journey.


This is my saviour I've taken ketone daily on my keto journey. Since taking them my weight loss has been optimised beyond belief, my sleep is amazing, I've so much energy, and best of all is the mental clarity I feel and my overall mood. It puts you into a deep state of ketosis within 59mins of drinking. And best of all you don NOT have to my on a keto diet to experience the benefits, you can be in any diet or no diet, whatever suits you! They taste delicious. And I truly believe they're magic!

Ketogenic calculator

This is a page that has helped me throughout my journey and that I frequently recommend to people looking to start their keto journey. It provides you with a personal breakdown of macros and calories you will need to meet your goals.

Keto coach

Keto coach is perfect for people on a ketogenic diet to measure their ketone levels fast and accurately.


Electrolytes are essential whilst on the keto diet, why? The first weeks can be challenging as the body adapts to the very low number of carbs consumed. Levels of sodium, potassium and magnesium can drop, leading to symptoms of the keto flu(it's real babes)- headaches, muscle cramps and fatigue. Adding sodium through diet is the best strategy to avoid this! There's so many home brews available on the internet for daily consumption. My fave is ULTIMA I order through luckyvitamin.com a more readily available one though is ZERO

Collagen powder

I take my collagen powder to break my fast every morning with my coffee, not only does it benefit my journey on the keto diet, and tastes DELICIOUS, it helps support my health, hair growth, skin, nails and gut. Win win! My first choice is @keynutrients vanilla collagen creamer it's so so yummy but hard to purchase in Europe, here's another alternative if you live in the UK|Ireland that is also really good and excellent value!

MCT oil

MCTs can be converted into ketones, which are produced from the breakdown of fat when carb intake is low. If you’re following a ketogenic diet, then taking MCT oil can help you stay in the fat-burning state of ketosis. It also has several other science backed benefits providing fuel for your brain, reducing lactate build up in athletes, could help manage epilepsy, alzheimer’s disease and autism, contains powerful fatty acids that fight yeast and bacterial growth and may reduce risk factors for heart disease, such as weight and cholesterol!