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Hi, I'm Jenny - a busy mom of 4 and a Business Analysis for a call center. I was extremely overweight and had high blood pressure after having my twin boys right before turning 40. Decided one day enough was enough and began eating healthy, took a supplement and got my act together!

For years I focused on the physical weight and let the mental health slip. I noticed as I got older, the more stress and anxiety started to take control. I was snapping more on my kids and family.

The mental health also took a toll due to my chronic back pain. So when it got so bad that I could barely walk...I knew I had to figure it all out. It was time to look for ways to help manage my anxiety and get my pain under control.

I NEEDED TO LIVE A LIFE WORTH LIVING! My family deserved a happier person too.

I started to research CBD and how it could help me with all the things. I wanted a quality, organic product not only for me but for my kids too!

This is how I found Green Compass! Since starting CBD, my anxiety is almost non-existent, stress us easier to manage, I'm no longer screaming at my family all the time, and my pain is so much better!!

I even found better sleep thanks to CBD!! WINNING 🥳

In helping myself live a healthier lifestyle, I found a passion for helping others live and feel better themselves! Excited to take you along on my journey! Thank you for allowing me to be apart of yours. Let's see what happens when WE refuse to quit!!

Lift each other up! WE are in this TOGETHER! ❤