Luca Falace Skills: Art Historian, Anthropologist, Teacher, Art Advisor, Art Curator, Writer, Painter, Musician, Designer, Inventor, Entrepreneur:

Luca Falace è uno storico dell'arte, scrittore, inventore, nel 2014 ha ricevuto il premio Ecomondo con adesione del Presidente della Repubblica italiana.

N°41 INVENTIONS BY LUCA FALACE 🇮🇹 ITALY 📚| SKILLS: - N° 31 Books published and N° 105 Manuscripts, 8000, eight thousand handwritten pages.
- N° 5 Presentations of published books.
- Professor of art history in N° 4 colleges.
- N° 1 Academic Theory: Creative Synchronism. Innovative and continuous theory on the basis of the Theory of Synchronicity by Carl Gustav Jung.
- N° 2 Cultural Associations Art and Science. - N°1 Cultural Center Phenomenology of Significant Coincidences Study.
- N° 151 Published works of arts: figurative and abstract paintings, drawings, sculptures, frescoes.
- N° 3 Personal exhibitions of works of arts: painting, video-art, sculpture, performance, literature. - N° 40 Musical compositions and Public musical experiment on creative synchronism.
- N° 1 Personal Exhibition on Theory of Synchronous Creative. Public experiment.
- N° 2 Experiment Sync Brain. Phenomenology of Significant Coincidences Study. Public experiment.
- N° 41 Inventions in the field of new technologies: robotics, industry 4.0, alternative energy, green economy.
- N° 3 Television participations as a protagonist. TV participations as the lead Inventor.
- N° 8 Conferences as an Entrepreneur, Manager and Inventor.
- Managers of N° 2 companies and founder of N° 1 startup.
- Mediator of N° 4 millionaires negotiations of which N° 1 on national television network.
- N° 1 Prize Italian President Green Economy: for Invention and Patent. N° 2 Prize for Invention and Patent.