About me, myself and I !

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Hello there!

Reinne Eliana A. Luciano is my name. I was born on November 24, 2003, 17 years old all the way from Sta. Rosa Nueva Ecija. I am the first born in my family and i do have a brother that was named Rafael Enrique A. Luciano. We won’t be here without our loving parents, Ryan B. Luciano and Editha A. Luciano. Our house is located at #386 brgy. Isla Sta. Rosa Nueva Evija.

I am the person who is quiet at first but as the time goes by it changes when you get to know me, your world would change because of my chaotic life, not that chaotic chaotic but a good chaotic.

I do have a lot of friends but I am welcoming more because the more the merrier. Once you become my friend I am very much talkative whatever the topic is. I have this attitude that sometimes I tend to become a bitch when I’m not in the mood, you’ll see right through myface that I’m not in the mood. Some of my friends when they get to see me like that they usually laugh at me ot not to talk for a bit.

Usually my favorite food is spicy foods and I love korean food specifically of what they called tteokbokki. As I’ve earlier when I’m a bitch food is the key. Mostly all of my things are black I don’t know why but black could be the darkest color but for me it symbolizes as power or strength in every possible way in our life. Most of my time was spending it by watching movies or different dramas and also I love to read books. When I’m tired on reading i usually spend my time with my cousin. She is 2 years old by now and I can’t help but she is so adorable. Her name is Athena Rosemary L. Esmundo. She is only my one and only i can play with because my brother is I don’t know he has his own world.

Being at this age I’ve learned so much in life. As we grow we are being mature from time to time. We also learn from our mistakes and that would be a lesson for us. Growing so fast is also the stage of being responsible in so many things, this is the time we are being tested if we are responsible enough to handle things. As we grow we just need to enjoy our life.