Leah Lucid Creating

Custom Art for a Cause

Hi, I’m so happy you found my page! My name is Leah Lucid and I love creating. Painting, pottery, music… I believe any creative project is worth trying.

I have 3 dogs and find making pet-themed art especially fun. I accept commissions for custom art pieces and donate proceeds to mutual aid 💕 [ID: photo of Leah sitting with two of her dogs, Kirby and Moose]

Custom Pet Portraits

Contact me to plan out your ideal custom pet portrait!
I love capturing a fur baby’s personality, favorite facial expression, funniest poses, you name it. We can always consider throwing in details like their preferred toys or anything else you want to capture. Full body or partial, blank background or a full scene, large or small sizes… we can find the options that work best for your needs.
[ID: memorial painting of black pit bull in field of flowers in honor of the late Chessa]

Art for Learning

I have a background in child clinical psychology and love any opportunity to combine my art with clinical/educational materials! Contact me about creating custom work that would help teach a skill or subject 🤓
[ID: painting of feelings chart with emotion words and matching dog faces]

Art for a Cause

Partner with Me

Please reach out if you have a project or fundraiser that you’d like to collaborate on. I recently painted a collection of local Project Canine therapy dogs to help promote their nonprofit and mission — which can now be found hanging at Bark! Espresso in Seattle for a limited time.
[ID: coffee shop wall with 9 framed dog portraits and one of the dog models, Buster, posing in front]

Custom memories

Photos into Paintings

Creating a custom painting based on a photograph can be a special, meaningful project. Contact me to talk about your ideas!
[ID: painting of 4 friends in a group hug during a Haldi wedding event in India]