Monday ❤︎🌻

New Week, New Start - How To Be Your Best - Monday

- Being Mindful-
It’s Monday, a brand new week. It’s a time to start over. You may think about Monday and say “Ugh, I hate Mondays.” If you have school or not, Monday is the most important day of the week, M stands for Mindful, be aware, be relaxed, set goals. Let’s say over the weekend you wanted to start being more responsible, start doing that goal on Monday. Be aware of the things you can improve.

-Being Nice-
Be nice, be your best. For the rest of the week you will have the guilt of you being rude to someone, after being mindful try and focus on being kind. Write in a journal and write compliments to random people. To be aware, you also need to be aware that you’re being nice. Maybe you’ve learned a thing or two about Monday’s, make it your best. You’ll regret not doing it on Friday.

Somethings you might want to hear today
— You are amazing, special and awesome —

Tuesday ❤︎🌻

New Week, New Start - How To Be Your Best - Tuesday

- Being Talented -
It’s Tuesday, another week day, don’t be negative about it. Even if it’s not a mindful Monday anymore, keep those traits, T stands for talented, talented isn’t a must have trait but it’s important for you. If you ever feel worthless or sad or lazy, try and focus on getting a new hobby/ talent. For example, on Monday lets say you felt lazy and not yourself. On Tuesday really try and find something to learn. Art, Dance, Painting, Soccer, Baking, anything you want! You can be talented at anything, just follow your goals.

-Being Ready-
Tuesday isn’t like a Monday, you almost are through the week if you have a positive mind! You really need to be ready for anything, be prepared. Check out some note books and write down things you want to prepare for, it can be an upcoming dance competition, a soccer game you have in a few weeks, anything you think you should prepare for. Don’t be the type of person to do something the day it’s due. Be ahead, get things out of the way and enjoy the day.

Some things you might want to hear
—You are beautiful, talented and sweet. —