Monetize your Creativity!

I'm Lucinda Chrisman - an adventurous, fun-loving, former filmmaker, and Gen X mama of a spirited son. 💕

I was producing my dream project awhile back - a travel/dance show - when motherhood intersected.

I immersed myself in that amazing life experience, and let my own ideas and goals go on hiatus awhile. It really demanded a lot from me and took over.

I struggled with own identity, because everything felt different. My old business limped along. My priorities shifted. 

As my child grew, I hungered for my own direction again.

Since then, I feel I have been coming out of my "mama cocoon" and starting to blossom again, into some new identity.

It's not the same as before, but yet I'm still as free-spirited, multi-passionate, and interested in the world as I was before.

But I'm also a very dedicated mama, to a feisty boy who definitely has become front of center of my world! (And takes a lot of my time!!)

So I've been reconciling the old me with the new... and I've been enjoying developing my own personal brand that embraces it all, including the mess that life often can be!

I love inspiring others to fully step into the greatest version of themselves. I love shining light on others and watching the fire that emerges from within. 🔥

I love harmonizing with the world, contributing something uplifting and inspiring, not staying mired in the drama. 🎶

I'm not saying it's always easy, and oh trust me I've had plenty of challenging times to get through and know what depression feels like. But like a plant sprouting, I'm always going to grow toward the sun, even if there are rocks in my way, eventually my default state is to feel good. 🌱

Because that's how life should be. It should feel good. Damn it 😆

Come to me to see someone growing and expanding every day, even as a Gen Xer... yes, I'm well into my 40s and I feel we can always let go of our limiting beliefs, and do great things, even if that means starting from scratch! 🤙🏼

I've certainly reinvented myself a few times since having a kid. Out of necessity, I've shifted my business over the years, relying less on service work, and learning to embrace the powers of online automation more, diving deeper into personal branding. Because I simply don't have the kind of time I had pre-kid to be trading hours in for money! There are so many betters ways.

I've even plugged into a beautiful heart-centered high-vibe global community 🌈 of other passionate, driven entrepreneurial souls, which has taught me so much and helped me to develop more automated ways to make a living.

...And helped me embrace my personal growth story. (Success in anything is really 80% mindset after all.)

You really can monetize your creativity.

So while I'm on my crazy messy journey, I'd like to offer you inspiration to live a better and healthier life, to overcome challenges, and follow your bliss. And help you find more joy, let go of your limits, and expand your vision of what is possible. And, maybe dance more too (something else I used to do all the time, pre-kid)!

I am here to be a voice of compassion & connection in a world that can sometimes be harsh.

I am here to love. And to serve. And to have fun. And to raise the best human I possibly can!

Feel free to follow my adventures and endeavors and stay connected!