Luck favours those who believe they are lucky.

Lucky Records is a multinational record label owned and managed by Alya Clarke. It was founded in 2020 when the owner found herself without a label and nowhere that matched her needs as a world renowned superstar.

In just a year, Lucky Records has signed a multitude of talented artists. It's not a difficult decision to sign with them when they offer full creative freedom to its artists, contracts written with very few requirements.

London Office —

Lucky Records has offices in London, LA and is beginning to expand into the supernatural realm, Noctis Regnum. (More interior photos for the other offices will be added soon)

IC Positions

CEO/Owner: 1/1 - Alya Clarke
Personal Assistant: 0/1
Security Personnel: 1/2
Artists: 1/10
Interns: 0/3
Producers: 0/3
Songwriters: 0/2
Social Media Managers: 0/1
Social Media Specialists: 1/2
Talent Scouts: 0/2
Promotion Managers: 0/2
General Managers: 0/2
Publicists: 0/2
Legal Department (HR, Lawyers): 0/3
Stylists: 0/2
Hair & Makeup Artists: 0/2
Marketing Designers: 0/2
Vocal Coach: 0/1


If interested, please PM Alya Clarke for more information on available positions.

Anyone that chooses Lucky Records upon joining Midnight Traders will receive a message from myself, Alya, and be given the option to join the ooc staff group chat. There will be internal events and opportunities to turn your muses job into plots.

Lucky Records is exactly as it sounds, a record label. I took a lot of inspiration from the way that Western labels are ran and managed when thinking of it, with the intention of giving muns full creative freedom when it comes to their muses careers.

I like to think we're a fun group so please don't hesitate to inquire if we've piqued your interest!