Fashion stylist

Give someone the right outfit and they can conquer the world...... your outfit is powerful

Hello Styling world,
My name is Lucy Aylett, as some of you may know I have had an interest in fashion and styling for as long as I can remember. So I made the courageous decision to study at Australian styling Institude here in Melbourne. Fashion comes in all different ways. Fashion is finding your true identity and making that come to life. I can help guide you as I’m an expert in the field. Watch your wardrobe be transformed, watch the happiness come to life, when we find your true self through your clothes.

I have completed a large amount of my studies and find myself wanting to demonstrate my skills with more clients. Therefore I would like to welcome you to my new website! I have outlined different packages to better understand and better develop your true self. Wardrobe make over, personal shopping, or all in one.
Hit the arrows to the next slides to find my packages, then messages me when your ready for your styling session.

Number: 0430 408 511
Instagram: lucyaylett1

Talk to you soon,

Lucy Aylett

Package One

Tell the world what you’re made of

Do you have a wardrobe FULL of clothes but still NOTHING to wear? In this session you will learn a system to turn madness into clam and organise your wardrobe by reinventing old items into new looks.
This session includes:
- Styling Consultation
- Wardrobe Makeover

Time Frame: Approximately 4 Hours
Price: $597

Package two

Make your Style

In this session we will discover education for your own body shape. Today you I will guide to become a better more confident YOU!
This session Includes:
- Style consultation
- Wardrobe Makeover
- Personal Shopping session
- Look book of outfit options

Time Frame: Approximately 7 Hours
Price: $879

All in one

The Ultimate Styling Package

This package is like no other, it really paints the picture for setting up a new outlook on life and a new YOU! We will work together on finding your desired look and set you up for success on your big night.
Have you always wanted a night out on the town with your husband, dressed up in your very own fancy clothes that you can now call your own? Have you wanted to feel sexy, fun, like you can accomplish anything…… Well this WHOLE package is for you!
This session includes:
- Style consultation
- Wardrobe makeover
- Personal Shopping session
- Look Book of outfit options (Something to look back on when you feel stuck or out of options, a look book helps you remember what ‘new me’ feeling
- Special event styling session, including makeup

Time Frame:1.5 Days (or what best suits you)
Price: $1,697