About me/my acc

Toca boca!

Hi! It’s luhvboca here, here are so facts about me/my acc,

About me!
Hello! My name is Jasmine, you can call me jas! Please don’t ask me what my age is. (I don’t want anyone to know that.) later into this account when I possibly get more followers I will tag my main acc etc. I don’t really like showing my face so if I ever do a face reveal my goal is 1k, voice reveal is 500 followers. :D
About my acc!
My Toca boca family age/name are in my bio.
Houses I use:
I use the starter house and I use the apartment from the regular town.
No, I do not own any game passes. :/

Font/ colouring tut:
I use Vont for my texts, the fonts I use are:
Sant Joan despi regular and Marola!
Colouring tutorial:
Exposure: +25
Highlights: +42
Shadows: +100
Sharpen: +25
Aberration: +60
Blur: +10
Filter: teal: +100
Effect: weather: +0

I will do aesthetic role play videos. No hate is allowed on my account, you will be blocked if you do so.

I do not have a schedule for when I post. I could post 6 times in one day or I could post once a week, I don’t have a schedule! :)

I think that is all I need to say!
P.S this is my only account if anyone is claiming to be me they are not me, I will inform you if I make any other toca boca accounts!

If you need to ask anything just ask me in my DMs, even if you need someone to talk to for 5 minutes, I’m always here!

Have a lovely day! Byeee. <3

- luhvboca