Excited to tell you my story!

Hey Hey! I'm Lu!

So happy You're here!

If you've come accross my application I'm sure you have a little idea of what I do!!
My life has completely changed since I joined this business & I'm excited to help you change your life too!

Before I got started in this online biz I was going to school, working long hours, volunteering, managing housewife duties and all this while I had just had a baby!! Long story short...my life was hectic! I couldn't have freedom, choose my hours, take time off or enjoy my family like I wanted to!
I knew I needed financial freedom, I wanted to have things in my name and find something I truly enjoyed doing as I no longer wanted to be in medical school.
One day I saw my friend's story and there was a girl recruiting people for her team! I went on her profile and saw her story about how she had achieved so much in this business. I then messaged her..asked about a million questions and I was sold! I was so scared and had no idea what I was doing. I wanted to back out the next day but she motivated me to not being scared and work hard to achieve my goals! I thought to myself.."Why not give it a shot, what's the worst that could happen?"

I had never heard of the business before...never tried a product and didn"t even truly know what I was signing up for but I was determined to learn and follow all the advice I was given!
On the next day I had my first customer and I didnt believe how fun and easy this business was. Not only did it fit around my crazy mom schedule but I was making REAL money!
Also knowing this was a family owned company just conforted me in knowing I was where I belonged!!

I never thought I could be living the life I am now. Since I started I'm able to do this full time, have my own schedule, travel whenever I want, have freedom, be my own boss and most important.. I'm able to spend time with my family and my baby girl!!

You can dream BIG! You deserve to live your best life and never miss out on special moments! You don't have to keep working endless hours anymore with no fair income!! You should be making your own dreams come true! And if you love your current job, then why not make some extra side money??

DREAM BIG BABE! You are worthy and you are capable!!💖

Our team has one of the fastest growing social media teams in the company & we're so excited to welcome you!!


🌟Dream big babe!🌟
🧏‍♀️You deserve everything you dream of! 💖
🌸It's your life, take control 💯

🙋‍♀️I'm here to help you and together we will chase after the life you deserve!

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