About me

I’m on the path to success even starting at 18. As a kid whose faced a lot of racism bullying and mental health issues, I’ve come to realize no one should have to deal with racism, bullying and getting treated unequal based off Sexuality, Race, Religious beliefs. I’ve come out of the mindset of judging others, as had to think and take a step back and realize I was in that position and as people we should build eachother up and not tear down. I’ve always known deep down to be a leader and not a follower, and this is something I’m passionate about, Leadership is more positively impactful than being a follower due to Cliques and Drama and unhealthy tension that people display that behavior to seek others to engage. I want to be a support system and share real everyday life scenarios I’ve dealt with, and give advice and tips on how to avoid or assertively stand up for yourself when necessary.

My name is Luke Ahn, I’m just a young adult whose experienced lots of judgmental criticism in my childhood and youth years, and I am dedicated to passing on to people who’re struggling with similar problems like I did. I want to make realizations and help benefit people to become stronger and learn how to handle unfortunate situations.

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