Who am I?

Not sure... all i know is my name is Lissette and I’m made of love

Hi! I’m Lissette! “Who am I?”.. that’s a tough question to answer (even on a GOOD day 👀). But here it goes!
I am nothing more than a 20-sumthin-year-old artist trying to understand and better myself to the best of my capability. And help others to do the same along the way. I have a desire to be kinder, more creative and successful. I have no desire to be perfect. I would like to gain the courage to find the power in my insecurities and celebrate the traits of myself that are considered “non-traditional.” The building of self-esteem and self love and emotional intelligence isn’t just for high class or middle class citizens.. I want to make the environment that I am in a safe one. One that doesn’t rely on luxuries and attachments to make myself feel better. It’s as simple as closing my eyes and saying “I love me for all that I am, all that I can be, and all that I will be.” It’s simple but it’s not always an easy process. However, it’s an act of kindness that I deliver to myself that nurtures my healing and I can share that with others as well. Love shouldn’t be a privilege.
I came to this world as a woman but the journey to self acceptance is a non-binary one.
I came to this world as a child whose meals in home relied on public assistance but the journey to success is a classless one.
I came to this world with a single mother and little family but the journey to self love isn’t measured by who sitting in the audience is for you.
Self-love is measured by you cheering in the audience for yourself.