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Luna Nyx

The higher self is the healed inner child.

Hello again, my name is Regina. I am an intuitive medium and healer with an educational background in psychology. I specialize in working with your Spirit Guides and Ancestors to help heal your inner child and align you with your higher destiny.

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|Soul Guidance

Find your true north.

I the Soul

During this 30 minute session, we will connect with a special Spirit Guide to assist you on your journey. With the guidance of your Higher Self & spiritual team, we will identify the energetic blocks that are currently affecting your auric field. I will help you identify which steps to take next as we work together to heal the parts of yourself that are keeping you from living the life of your dreams.

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Mind Body Soul

During this 1 hour session, we will connect with your Higher Self & spiritual team to dive deeper into the energetic blocks identified in the intro session. Together we will explore the mental landscape to find and release the limiting beliefs that keep you from moving forward with your dreams. This intensive session will focus on creating concrete steps to break those limiting belief patterns and replace them with tools to connect you to your own empowered self.


Star Crossed Souls

A special session for divine souls currently in union with one another. During this 1 hour 30 minute session, you & your partner will be connected to a special relationship healing guide who will provide you insight into each other’s hearts. We will connect with your Higher Selves to identify energetic blocks that affect communication & intimacy. It is also possible that we will work with the Inner Child aspects of yourselves to help identify attachment styles & meet safety needs within the connection. We will work together to release these energetic blocks so that your divine union may grow, flourish, and find balance.