Welcome sweet soul,

how can I help you today?

How blessed I am that you have been guided here today. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Claire ✨

A tiny human on a mighty spiritual mission, to help heal myself and others I meet in this lifetime. There are so many levels to our healing journey, from mental to physical, emotional and even spiritual.

I have dedicated a fair portion of my life to self-development this has allowed me to truly blossom in the period of introspection and self reflection. Embracing every up and down on the roller-coaster of life!

Wanna join me?
It would be my pleasure to assist you over any bridge you may need to cross, we as a collective humanity, deserve all the loving embrace this world has to offer.
I use Art as my self expression, creating bespoke jewellery and prints.
I also deliver card readings for the soul, so you too can stay in alignment.
Aswell as being a leader of a Women's Empowerment Movement, that is 'Put U First'.
I would be honoured to be by your side, during our life long journey, assisting you with solutions to any issues you may face. And always cheering you on with every beautiful success you reach!

You deserve to live a life filled with passion and driven by purpose, feel free to stay as long as you like.

Soul Service

Tune into self...

Card reading is a part of who I am, from a very young age I've always felt connected to my phsycic powers and found ways to embrace the magical essence of life. I've been working with card reading for myself and others for over 5 years and have a life long commitment to this service.

Easing the problems of the soul, having your inner house in order, whilst embracing introspection are just a few of the greatest fulfillments with this experience.

Starting your journey with subconscious work can be scary and intimidating, fear of the unknown is something we all experience; let me be your guide as we wander through your mind garden.

There is no right or wrong way to connect or resonate with your reading, I'm simply here to hold space for you to find what you're looking for in the Web of connected consciousness.

There are so many lessons in the Universe within ourselves, lets connect and discover together.

All readings are recorded and emailed to you, so you can revisit and watch over as many times as you need. Each reading has a 'note sheet' that I will fill in and leave blank space for you to make your own notes. I feel having something to reflect back on really helps keep track of our personal journeys.

There is an angel number pricing structure for each spread, however I want my services to be available to all. If you feel the energy exchange is not accustomed to your budget, a donation of any kind would be greatly appreciated ✨🙏🏼
You can buy me a coffee some time! 💜

You can find a small break down of each reading and what we will dive into on my Instagram highlights; or following/swiping through these pages👉🏼

Go with what your heart is called to, you are not alone in the journey we call life. May you always be guided by harmony towards your highest good. ✨

✨Wake-up Wednesdays✨

Put U First

Every Wednesday all you wonderful women are invited to come join us at 7pm (UK time) to share a safe, open and loving space!

If you can't make it don't worry we recorded all that golden conversation, and heartfelt connection for you to tune into!

For the LIVE Zoom call link (same link reoccurring each week) follow through to our YouTube and check the description box!

Looking forward to connecting with all you beautiful souls out there✨

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Self-care Sunday Call✨

Ready to take time for you? Join us 2pm (UK time) every sunday👇🏼