Luna Sol Amor 1:1

Emotional support + Spiritual guidance

Luna Sol Amor was created to provide a safe space for people going through major shifts in their lives. It doesn’t matter how big or small it might be, If it feels heavy or confusing, it’s worth some paying it some attention.

What’s included?

Every session will differ, just as we differ every day

My sessions are either in person or via FaceTime/Zoom with a casual ‘cuppa tea & chat’ holistic approach, meaning you feel relaxed and open throughout.
Each session is based solely around the energy you show up with, so there’s no ‘one shoe fits all’ plan that I follow.

Some people that come to see me already have in mind, what they wish to work through. Others come because they feel lost or have a sense of discomfort inside themselves that they need guidance to navigate through. Whatever it may be, I draw upon my own experiences, training and skill set, to offer the best guidance that I can and ensure that you leave feeling nourished at your core.

When I found myself in a really tricky point in my life, I had no one to turn to, no one to help me wade through the shadows, and so I spiralled. Only once I found the strength to say ‘enough is enough!’ did I attract into my life just the right people, love & resources that have helped me shape myself into the woman I am today.

My wish is that you no longer have to walk alone.

I see you,
I hear you,
You are worthy.

My story

In a nutshell-ish

Before I start I want you to know one thing; I do not hold anger, blame, frustration or resentment towards anyone that ‘gifted’ me with the experiences that I’ve had. I say ‘gifted’ because I understand that nothing is inherently good or bad, it’s simply our perspective. That’s not to say that while you’re experiencing or even after your experiences, you don’t feel these emotions, because believe me, I know you do. I’ve learnt to put it down, to let go, in order to heal. My healing involved finding the silver lining of each and every pain I’ve had to endure to see the gift that it presented me with.

For the first 4 years of my life, my dad was addicted to drugs and alcohol & sadly committed suicide.
It’s crazy how clever the body + mind is. For years I would say the words ‘oh he’s not alive’ but the emotional connection to what I was saying didn’t happen. Only once I got to my early 20’s my body decided it was time to connect again; cue the beginning of healing loosing him; my fallen Angel.

Aged 7 my step dad is introduced to my life. There was a lot of friction between him and I as well as my brother growing up and by aged 16 both my brother and I left home to live in government supported accommodation.

Coupling the family breakdown with a few traumatic experiences of my own, that I didn’t have the courage to talk about, I was staying as strong & ‘together’ as I could. Being catapulted into adulthood and having to learn to live independently meant I was constantly on survival mode. I did my best to live a ‘care free’ teenage life, but my stability & responsibilities always came first. I made sure my bills and rent were paid on time, heck I even took out home insurance…at 16!
Apart from the support I had from a youth club I attended and later volunteered at, I don’t remember any of the support workers that watched over me. This is where my passion for being a shoulder to lean on for others started. I didn’t want anyone to feel the way I did, ever. I understood how important these people are to someone in my situation at that time…

For years after leaving home, I had little to no contact with my family. This was hard. I’m an incredibly stubborn person when I’m passionate about something I believe in, and I believed that I deserved better than the neglect and gas lighting I was forever being confronted with. Having no contact was my boundary with them. My family were the only people I was able to enforce a boundary with. My first boyfriend was at 16 (although looking back now, this was not a relationship, but rather a situationship, and an incredibly toxic one at that) I didn’t enforce any boundaries with him since I hadn’t ever had a role model show me what a healthy relationship looked like. I was cheated on constantly, mistreated, manipulated, gas lighted and incredibly heart broken; oh to be young and experience the pain of heartbreak. He was one of my biggest teenage lessons.

Fast forward 4 years to Liberatus, the private dance school that had taken me years to save for. Little council estate girl in supported housing at a private dance school, and on her own admission. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve always had in mind that, in person, I am not what I am on paper. Professionals would see my history and expect a certain type of person to stand before them, I pride myself on the fact that this isn’t the case. I didn’t want to fall prey to the system I found myself in, so I kept a clear vision in mind for my life.
After a year and a half at dance school, I was asked to leave in the new year. I wasn’t able to afford the fees for a second year, so they quietly let me stay for free knowing what being there meant to me. But their own financial situation meant they couldn’t afford to keep me on any longer. I was absolutely destroyed, the anger and resentment consumed me. The worst part about that point in my life, was this was only beginning of the gooey centre in my time line, and I had no idea.

I never had an issue with substance abuse like many of the family around me, however I had my own crutch, that boys at aged 16 and dance school emphasised tenfold; food.

During my mid 20’s I dedicated all of my time to my self awareness, I have many food intolerances and allergies that for years went undiagnosed. The year I left dance school I abused food terribly. I gained 3 stone in a matter of 2 months and my health was deteriorating by the day. During my healing all the research and training indicated that our emotional and traumatic experiences often trigger intolerances and allergies within the body. If you look back to when the intolerances started and what was happening in your life at that time, you’ll often find the two time lines coincide. If we ignore the signs long enough, our body resorts to this as a way of calling out for help, saying “hello, please listen to me, we really need to look at this..”.

A year of spiralling with no direction in sight, I broke. I was in my second relationship that was failing but I clung on for the stability. My health was diminishing and my mindset was incredibly negative & toxic. Being here only postponed the healing my body was trying so hard to present me with. During this year I accidentally fell pregnant. When unknown complications left me experiencing contractions for 3 weeks, heart wrenchingly I resulted to having an abortion, this absolutely crippled me for months to come. By the December, my mind, body and soul couldn’t do another day.

I finally had my enough was enough moment. For things to change, I had to stop waiting for someone to save me and save myself. I kept it simple, tackling one thing at a time, starting with my body. I knew how important moving the body was so I began working out regularly. This shift in my energy was the catalyst for everything that was to come. If you know about manifesting and the law of attraction, then you’ll understand when I say I attracted the people, circumstances and modalities that set me well onto my path of true inner healing.
It all started with self compassion and self love. The two things I had none of…

Fast forward 4 years to when I’m much stronger and living a life of compassion, gratitude and being of service to others; my life guided me back to where it all began. To supported housing. I wanted to be if service to people that were in my previous situation, and who better to support and guide them than someone who has first hand experience and made it out the other side. I will forever hold the young people I cared for in my heart. They taught me so much, they gifted me with experiences that I never thought my life would endure and I’m a much stronger, more compassionate, caring and loving person
than I was before encountering them.

We would house 14 of the counties most high need young people at a time, providing them with 24h support. Again a lot of them came from very distressing backgrounds. I was their biggest fan! And my mission was to help them see their worth and that their situation did not define them as a human; they could be anything they wanted to be!
During my time with them I supported them 1:1 and in group with many challenging things. Sexual assault and rape was very common. Substance abuse with everything from cannabis to heroine. Violence, both towards them and from them (self harm, harming of other residents, the community and staff members).

Suicide was a daily struggle for many and my job was to keep them alive, often with limited resources and staff. The mental health services were and still are so limited in the UK, often we’d house people who’s needs were beyond our capability, sadly we lost one young person during my time there.
Drugs and gang involvement, for and against their will, was also common. This brought no end of danger to staff in both their professional and personal lives.

Yes I had training for the job coupled with my own experiences, but no amount of training, courses or schooling could prepare you for what you had to endure.
This job was my biggest teacher and I’m so grateful for all that it gifted and taught me.

I cared so deeply for the young people that passed though the system while I was there, and I still do…

During this time, we cue my third relationship. The one I didn’t see coming, and one that knocked me for six. I’m grateful for this individual because he taught me some of my most valuable lessons in life. 9 months of gas lighting, mental, emotional, financial and verbal abuse. Sexual shaming, substance abuse, severely poorly mental health and manipulation, all while I’m supporting people through these exact things. I became aware of what was happening much sooner than I would have, and I had the skill set to guide myself out of it.
That doesn’t mean I left unscathed. Oh gosh no, once again my body/health paid the price and badly this time. I ended up in hospital regularly with multiple issues from the stress I was under.

This was my second enough was enough moment. I was at breaking point, and for the first time in my life, I questioned if I’d be able to make it back from this one…even being on the other side of it and having stepped fully into my light because to it, writing that is still upsetting. I know a coal must undergo sever pressure to become the diamond, but wow, that period was intense.

After leaving I made a vow to myself that this time, I would stay single and really do the work! The soul work. I sought in depth guidance from someone who later became my guardian and very dear friend. Together he taught me the valuable skills of boundaries, we used shadow work to heal my childhood trauma and everything that happened thereafter. We addressed everything in a very holistic and non-invasive way. With my body and intuition guiding me through the process, he taught me how to find the healing and answers within myself. Never again seeking external validation or love. My boundaries now are so clear, in all aspects of my life. I’m courageous with my actions, my integrity is strong and I never shy away from doing the internal work on myself.

Since the age of 25, even more than before, every day has been dedicated to growing and developing as a woman, to knowing and understanding myself better, the habits and patterns I create are purposeful, leading me only towards my highest self. I’ve embodied a lifestyle that serves my highest good, with daily practices that keep me moving forward with life, in a state of gratitude, abundance and self compassion.

I genuinely believe I experienced everything I have so that I can be of service to many. Having experienced first hand a multitude of pain, people find it very easy to relate to me.

To be able to say -
“I know exactly how you feel…this is what helped me” gives me the drive to make a difference in the world; in any way I can.

My dharma is to heal.
To heal is to make whole.
However that may look for you 🤍

Training & Education

Elements of my journey

YMCA Support worker
(16-25yr olds)

Working 1:1 with:
- Suicide prevention
- Family breakdown
- Drug & Alcohol abuse
- Victims of rape & sexual assault
- Contraception & sexual health
- Victims of mass neglecting & malnutrition
- Victims of abuse
- Gang involvement & violence
- Independent living & how to manage in society
- Managing of finances and budgeting skills
- Culinary skills

Additional training & qualifications with YMCA:

- ACE’s (adverse childhood experiences)
- Mental health first aider
- Suicide awareness + prevention
- Trauma and the affects on growth and development
- Trauma healing
- Holding space
- Contraception and sexual health officer
- Anxiety & Depression- Coping strategies + solutions
- Mental health - The different variations, how to identify, sign post and support

Further qualifications & training:

Basics of Nutrition Level 1
NLP Practitioner
National diploma in Dance & Performing Arts
235 hour Yoga YTT
Biometric Personality Testing
And more…

Outcomes of the session

Working together we can find tools and habits to specifically cater to the path you are on. This may include:

• Daily habits & rituals
• Manifestation and the law of attraction
• Vision boarding
• Invoking passion & creativity back into your life
• Grounding techniques
• Meditations
• Mindfulness morning rituals and practices
• Journalling prompts
• Boundaries - understanding them and enforcing them
• Creating stronger, healthier relationships
• Greater self awareness & self compassion
…to name a few ✨