NCT Jaemin, NCT Lucas

Farel Charries

This is Farel, or you can call me Arel for short. I'm a good listener and like to give support messages. Love to talk about random things from A-Z and give a joke, you can call me as a 'clown' one as well, and also I'm a humorous and loud person. Worry not, I can also switch into a soft and calm one, definitely will treat you like the most precious human in this world. I love music, series , and film especially thriller, horror and action too!

I really like to pay attention to you, such as ask how was your day? was there any fun story? or if it's bad, I'll immediately try to comfort you. Then other small attention too, I'll ask what have you eaten? did you do well? are you tired? Then reminds you to get plenty of rest, and makes sure you eat well.

Regular : 7k/day
VIP : 15k/day
* Doesn't provide NSFW

Work hours : 09.00 - 22.00 WIB
Available for : BxG, BxB
Platform : Twitter, Telegram, KKT
Minimum rent : 1 day
Maximum rent : 7 days

Free service(s) :
⋆ Request typing
⋆ Request faceclaim
⋆ Request pet names
⋆ Request personality
⋆ Basic imagine
⋆ Request bahasa (eng/bhs)

Additional service(s) :
⋆ Plotting : 4k/session
⋆ Interaction on TL : 2k/rent
⋆ Put your name on bio : 1k/rent
⋆ Movie date (film from cust) : 5k/movie
⋆ Stay up late
(22.00 - 00.00) : 1k/hour
(00.00 - 02.00) : 2k/hour