My website <3 —

All of my coloring, bios, fonts, and more !

I do not want to gatekeep any of my info in any way which is why I made this website! My pronouns are she/her! If there is anything you would like to know just ask me and I will add it to my website!

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Coloring tut <3 —

Apps: 24FPS, B612, prequel, and ultralight!

1. Go to 24FPS and import your video, then click the green, red, and blue dots and import the QR code below!
2. Go to ultralight import your vid and click the triangle and do the settings clarity -10, sharpen -10, and noise -10.
3. Go onto B612 and import your video and choose the filter “fade 1” and you can also add a cartoon filter if you would like.
4. Lastly, go to prequel and choose the filter “ Oakland 2” to 50%, highlights 50%, and exposure 50%. Then add the effect “sparkles” to these settings: star intensity 100, star scale 9, and star rotation and filter to 0! (Optional) Add your text and your done <3

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Fonts in my current theme <3 —

All of my fonts I use for my current theme! If you want to know a name for a specific font just ask !

Fonts on
Garlic salt extras
Lemon milk bold
Cutewritten regular
Fonts not on dafont:
Pretty you
Saint Joan

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Credits for my account :) —

This page is just people to give credit to for my bio, coloring, theme, etc. <3

My coloring is in my bio but it is by @addscherie!
My bio is from @dettafaeiry
My theme is also by @dettafaeiry !
I do not yet know if @dettafaeiry is ok with people using their theme and bio, so if they tell me not to I will take them off of my account and website! <3

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