luvieskun. —

she/her, 21. from olongapo.

collects: qian kun.
spark collector of baek, lisa, ten & yangyang.

mop: gcash. can do shopee cod
(but w/ additional transaction fee!)
mod: shopee c/o - j&t.
sco listing: 15 php.

packing fee:
ㅡ 10 php for albums.
ㅡ 10 php for pcs (no toploader)
ㅡ 15 php for pcs (w/ 1 toploader)
take note: i sometimes reuse bbw!

bns acc.

terms & conditions. —

please read carefully.

• no refund, no cancellation.
• do not claim or mine if sensitive.
• no rush shipping!
• pls check the condition pics & vids carefully.
• i will not be held liable for any damages or losses during the shipment of goods.

after receiving the item:
• make sure to take a video before removing the item from the courier pouch ( in case of wrong or missing item).
• no unboxing, no negotiation.
• kindly inform me and don't forget to click 'order received'.
• feedback is highly appreciated! #tnxluvies
• if there's any problem, dm me!

check feedbacks here ♡

wishlist. —

current pc prios:
• kun from home postcard photo frame
• kun nct2020 beyond live ar
• kun holiday flipbook
• kun wayvision flipbook
• kun wayvision slingbag
• kickback owhat r5
• colbook pc

current album prios:
• none!

waiting for:
• wayv comeback.

no wishlist for lisa & baek as of now! ♡

kun wishlist.

for owhat pcs: 300 to 400 max.
for collectbook: 700 max.
prios: flexi but no op. dm me for offers!
will get the lowest offer.

karina wishlist.

for lenti and ar: max budget 300.
for selfie pcs: max budget 400.
karina epoxy & forever holo: flexible!