- welcome beb !

heres something u should know if u follow me !

- about meh :
hey all. my name is sofia, but can call me sof. i am 12 years old. i opened this account in january this year and i am grateful for all support you are giving to me ! i am so grate for 10k, and i just cant imagine that, i love u all and i really cant belive it, its something really big for me! i have a lot of support, i have 2 fanpages and im really grateful, i love u all so much, u are so nice !
- credits :
i am using the coloring that i made,and i will do the tutorial soon if u guys need it, but if i made one, please DONT make tutorials on your pages.. theme too. if u are using it, please give credits to me in bio, or in every caption ( i prefer bios, but captions are fine too i guess ). please dont use my pfp before asking me, its not okay. for captions, sometimes i use someones else captions, but usually i use mine, so aks me before using please, mean a lot. i made my own bios, so dont use it please. thats all <3
-impersonating and more :
please dont impersonate me, stealing my pfp, username, bio, videos and more, this is MY ONLY REAL account, i dont have other accounts, so if u see other, its not me !
- bye :
thanks for your time and reading this <3, love u all, stay safe and happy <33 have a good time in summer <3

- sofia 's ibf aplication !

read if u wanna be ibfs <3

- u should be an fp
- dont use me cuz my followers
- i wont let you join my acc
- i dont want to show face
- be 11 - 14 years
- dont leave me after like 3 days

- about meh <3
- i like using <3, :3, :), ;)
- im not so active for holidays
- i love animals, so if u hurt animals, go away
- i support blm, mlm and more
- i like charli, addi, amelie, mads, dixie and more..
- thats it, dm me :3