for Miggy,

Hi Miggy, It’s Krista! The moment you’ve received this letter I’m probably on a flight to Australia. Can you believe it? My dreams are one step closer?

Chz feeling movie writer yarn?!

Anyways! I’m super thankful for all the memories we’ve made these past few years like our gaming galore, budol pa more, “may answer ka na” moments and “nasa call ka na?!” questions.

Sabi nila you truly only become friends with ppl once you meet each other in person, our friendship proved them wrong 🙅🏻‍♀️ (SHUTA HAWJHAHAA) like di nila keri yung farm building, wheel spinning, WAKE AWP, and gdocs sharing natin!

Let’s meet up fr! (di nakasama sa lista) CHZ 😭

Oh well! basta ayon super thank u for being part of my senior high life and making it more tolerable (baka dahil may answers ka sa pe?) 🤭 ayan na! ang haba na ng sinabi ko it’s looking simlish na



for Alyanna,

Hey Queen! You have done it again! Constantly raising the bar for us once again! (di ko na maalala sunod sensya)

Hello my dear, beautiful, wonderful frend Alyanna Hong! This one’s for u! Thank you for all the wonderful memories we’ve made together (read: dreadful—FABM and Hope).

Chz! Even though we don’t talk everyday we still get along really well and have good synergy (pak!) You’re very energetic and madaldal and I love ppl like that kaya tayo magkavibe me thinks!

Thank you for being part of my senior high life here in Ateneo! Super thank you fr 🙏

A wise woman once said, live fast die young bad bitches do it well!



for Diego,

Hoy! Ikaw! Oo, ikaw! Halika!

DIEGO! Mah friend! (sorry dapat may intro muna kasi) ChZ eto na talaga!

Hello Loowees! I made u a palanca out of the goodness of my very generous and kind heart because you are my friend! #kindhearted

Thank you sm for being part of my senior high life in ateneo! Never ko naimagine being friends with the ppl I am friends with rn in my 18 years of living (oh pak! panis ka!) dahil hindi naman ako si Nostradamus!

But here I am making a palanca for u guys (ew #iwasahostage)

Nyways..I rlly hope we stay in touch even after senior year! Godbless nalang sa admissions fr! You are in my prayers!



for Apo,

#aesthetic #apotravels #sevenwondersoftheworld

chz sorry dapat may intro kasi! wag ka aesthetic p yan! nyways!

Helloe my beadle friend apo! Yknow ba i often mistake beadle as beagle and bagay sayo fr! (in a good way, me thinks). You were one of the very few friends from Ateneo I have that relate to my probinsya problems and maybe that’s why we became friends #traumabondspeople

Thank you for ur hard work sa class like life saver everyday me thinks?! I should recommend you sa fire station! Moving on, I also wanna say thank you for being part of my senior high life in ateneo! Let’s stay in touch fr after senior high idk how! Maybe I’ll message you asking ab the next subject we will never know!

Godbless in college admissions!



for Kloe,

a single mom who works two jobs! who loves her kids and never stops! with gentle hands and a heart of a fighter! ur a survivor!

CHARIZ HWJEJSJA HELLO MS KLOE! wdyt ab that intro ang ganda fr! nyways..

Hello Kloe! If you received a palanca from me it means that I’ve a lot to thank you for. Fellow probinsyana with probinsyana problems and busfin hater we truly r friends me thinks! I’m thankful for all the memories we’ve shared over the past few years in Ateneo and I’m glad na we vibe together!!

Wishing you luck in your future endeavors esp with college admissions!
-ur makulit friend and classmate, Krista CN#18 😭



for Sam,

head JK enthusiast, loving friend, a daughter, a sister, and a classmate…you will be missed 🕊

Hey Sam! By the moment you’ve received this letter in your email I’d probably be a moment too late. I deeply regret not cherishing our friendship more while you were still here with u-

WJWKAKAKAK SORRY GINAWA PA KITANG PATAY! I feel like a screenwriter! Nyways…

Hello Sam! I’d really like to say thank you for being part of my senior high life in Ateneo. I appreciate your lively personality, ur chikas on twt, and just u! If there’s one thing I regret it’s not seeing you ever on campus bec I feel like you’re the friend I would copy notes from.

Wishing you luck in your future endeavors and college applications! Let’s stay in touch even after senior year (idk how, twt is the ans!)



for Yana,

~this is for my people who just lost somebody! your best friend, your baby, your man or your lady?! 🎙

Helow Yana! Kumusta fellow di nakapass ng ust requirements on time? (masama loob ko slyt) nyways…

If nakareceive ka ng palanca from me, gold ka! Chz! Nyahahah I really want to thank you for being part of my senior high life in Ateneo (despite the very unfavorable circumstances). Thanks sm for all the good memories we’ve shared like d genshin era, finding each other on twt, groupmates galore and many more! My only regret is not having atleast one lunch w u together!

Wishing you much luck in ur future endeavors esp with college admissions! Let’s stay in touch even after shs (idk how si batman ang bahala me thinks!)