Luxurious Twenties

Hey! My name is Keani and I am 22 years old, I am currently a student at University of Hawaii - West Oahu earning my degree in Business Administration - Management and I am working part time in retail. I love to travel, specifically to Disneyland and my passion is to help others in many different ways. I made this platform to specifically reach out to those who are in their 20’s. During these years, many of us are stressed and completely lost! I wanted to create a safe place that can motivate those to still “get their life together” and “live their best life” at the same time without the stress. Do you love traveling, learning how to budget your money better, and soul searching? You’ve come to the right place as I am here to share my personal experiences, tips, and motivation.

Why did I choose my target audience to be in their 20’s? Well, some may say that society thinks that we should begin our life long careers, purchase a brand new car, maybe even start looking to own a home in the next few years. Sometimes we feel under so much pressure because we compare ourselves to what our parents has accomplished when they were our age or people we see on social media. Everyone moves at their own pace and it’s very important to slow things down and not be so hard on yourself. We can still live luxurious!

What this website will include:
• Motivational Monday’s (College, Jobs, & Mental Health)
• How to plan out future trips and save up for them months in advance without effort
• Budgeting tips
• Personal experiences and mistakes
• YouTube Channel COMING SOON!


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Follow along as I share tips on college, budgeting, and traveling! I post bonus videos as well so what’re you waiting for?! Be apart of the Luxurious Twenties!