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My name is Saksha Rodrigues and I am a student. I've always been passionate about being a young entrepreneur and at the same time being the change I want to see around me. That's exactly why I created my brand, LUXURO.

LUXURO is a skincare and haircare brand specialised in face masks and hair oils. All products are clean, vegan, homemade, cruelty free, made in India and made with love. But what makes LUXURO so different? Well I believe that skin care is not about making you beautiful but pampering your existing beauty. I do not target your flaws or insecurities to sell my products claiming that they'll help you. I believe that everyone is beautiful the way they are and we need to love and accept ourselves and then pamper ourselves with skin care. Skin care should be used to nourish our skin, protect, provide love and to take care of it, not to alter our natural appearance to fit the standards of the society. Skin care should be therapeutic and not pressurising.

LUXURO strongly believes that beauty has different forms and our society needs to accept this. I don't promote skin whitening or changing yourself to feel confident, because confidence comes from within, from self love and acceptance . Luxuro provides luxurious skincare at a reasonable price to pamper yourself so you can shine in your own beautiful way.

All about the herb blend hair oil

Everything you need to know about the hair oil and reviews

The goodness of pure coconut oil and cold pressed castor oil infused with 12 powerful herbs that fight hairfall, add shine , soften and help replenish your hair, all packed in a bottle.
Ingredient list :
🥥Organic coconut oil.
🌱Cold pressed castor oil.
🌿Kalonji (onion seeds).
🌿Kapoor kachri.
🌿Curry leaves.
All these ingredients are infused into this beautiful oil using a cold process without the introduction of heat which ensures your oil is packed with nutrients.
Price: ₹280 (+₹20 shipping for mangalore )( other parts of karnataka and kerala-₹40)
Qty: 100ml
( You receive a box with the hair oil, a cute thank you card and a goodie pack all hand packed with love)
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How does the hair oil benefit you?
Let's begin with how light weight and therapeutic this hair oil is. It gives you a spa like experience without feeling heavy or too greasy. It has a natural mild aroma and does not contain any artificial scents or essential oils. Everything is derived from herbs and pure oils. This oil is literally relaxation in a bottle and a little goes a long way. So pamper yourself and feel the spa like treatment at home with this beautiful luxurious oil✨

You can checkout full reviews on my instagram highlight. ( hair oil🌿)

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Review 2:

Would recommend following her for some amazing lifestyle and fashion inspo.
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Disclaimer : she purchased the hair oil from me , this is not a collaboration or sponsorship.

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Everything you need to know about the butter frosts.

If you have been struggling with dry chapped lips and you not only want to moisturise your lips but also heal them, look no further.

The butter frost is a beautiful and luxurious lip butter formulated with 4 raw and unrefined pure butters along with coconut 🤤
The best part about this butter is that it contains absolutely no wax. Bees wax that is used in most lip balms is an animal byproduct but this is formulated without using bees wax or any other wax. This butter is 100% vegan.

Currently available in the variants :
✨The main difference between a lip balm and a lip butter is that lip balms contain wax. This wax creates a film on top of your lips to retain moisture temporarily and give you the illusion of moisturised lips. The waxes make these balms last longer but don't actually do anything to help your lips heal.
✨The butter frost is made of 4 pure raw butters which actually repair your lips and help keep them moisturised. It really helps to control flaking and keep your lips looking and feeling soft.
✨This lip butter is extremely rich and thick. The butters not only help in moisturising but also have their own individual benefits for your lips.
✨The lip butter feels cool and relaxing on your lips and is super creamy. The texture is very much like a butter cream frosting
✨ Applying this butter before going to bed will help make sure you wake-up with the softest and non chapped lips.
✨As it is a lip butter would highly recommend re-applying once the butter is soaked into your lips.
This lip butter doesn't have any pigmentation or colour but the colour that is added to make it look adorable in the jar is derived from alkanet root which means no artificial pigments or colourants in your lip care!

👄Kokum butter
👄Mango butter
👄Shea butter
👄Cocoa butter
👄Coconut oil
👄Alkanet root
👄Lip safe edible grade flavouring oil

K O K U M B U T T E R : This ingredient is magical. This butter uses it's anti inflammatory and antioxident properties soothing your lips and also helping them heal. It's absolutely amazing for people who struggle with constantly chapped lips.

M A N G O B U T T E R : Packed with nutrient dense fats this butter has an extremely rich and thick texture which doesn't let the lips soak it up immediately. It creates a layer of moisture that slowly heals and hydrates your lips.

S H E A B U T T E R : Shea butter is another antioxidant and nutrient dense butter that helps in topical healing of your lips. It's helps achieve soft and supple lips even after the butter is off.

C O C O A B U T T E R : This butter basically adds a hydrating layer on your lips protecting them from indoor heat and extreme temperature that would leave your list dried out. Another amazing healing butter.

C O C O N U T O I L: This oil binds all the butters together and makes it easier for your lips to hold them. Again, this is an amazing moisturiser for your lips.

All the oils and butters are raw and unrefined making them pure and perfect for your lips ❤

This beautiful Lip butter can be yours for ₹270(+20 shipping) 😍
You get 15 grams of the product in a glass jar inside a hand packed box of joy.

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Everything about the gift box

On public demand, we present to you our very own GIFT BOX!

This gift box is curated very carefully to ensure you have everything you'll need for your next pamper sesh😌

Gift boxes are perfect to surprise your loved ones and what's better than a box that is made to take care of one's body? It's like gifting a warm hug to someone that they'll feel everytime they take care of themselves :")

A perfect gift for a beautiful bride thats looking at herself in the mirror waiting to tie the knot looking her absolute best.

A groom who is googling things to do to make sure he matches his bride's glow.

For a mother who has forgotten to take care of her own self looking after you for years.

For a father who is absolutely clueless as to what it is to nourish ones skin and body.

For a friend who stayed by you everytime you needed one.

And tell me what is better than spoiling yourself on a Saturday evening? A gift from you to you.

This beautiful gift box is for everyone!

🌸 The herb blend hair oil (100ml)
🌸 The peppermint butter frost lip butter (15gms)
🌸 The mood detox face mask (90gms)
🌸 The desi body ubtan (90gms)
🌸 The mocha luxury bar (85gms)
🌸 Cookies
🌸 A contents card
🌸 A card to write your personalized message
🌸 Box

Products worth( ₹1700) for just ₹999/-😍✨
(+ shipping ₹50 inside mlore and ₹80 blore)

(Limited stock)


Everything you need to know about the clay mask

Face masks are my absolute go to for special occasions or weekly pampering. They not only help soothe and detoxify your skin but also leave you feeling fresh and relaxed. If you're looking for a face mask for your pamper sessions that will detoxify and brighten your skin, look no further. The luxurious SAGE French green clay mask is formulated with the best and most effective clays out there. It's soothing, gentle and extremely beautiful!
🍂 French green clay
🍂 Bentonite clay
🍂 kaolin clay

The key ingredient being pure French green clay is one of the mildest clays available and it works so well for evenI sensitive skin types.
It's extremely effective in removing impurities, toning , reducing inflammation in acne and tightening your skin. Not only is it effective but also has the most beautiful and calming colour thus inspiring us to name our mask "SAGE"

The other clays namely bentonite and kaolin clay are again super effective on your skin and are used widely in modern clay masks for their healing properties. This combo is very promising for skin detoxification to achieve bright and beautiful skin.

Using this mask is as easy as taking a spoon full in a non metallic bowl, adding some water , making a paste and applying all over your face. Yeah that's literally it! Wash it off in 10-15 minutes and you're good to go ✨

Sip on your favorite tea in the process of just take a 10 minute nap 🤷‍♀

We believe in luxury but also affordability so that everyone can experience it, because you deserve it!
This clay mask comes in a beautiful 100 gram glass jar, nicely secured and packed for only ₹299/- ( + ₹20 shipping within mangalore , ₹40/- shipping within karnataka) DM to enquire shipping rates outside karnataka .

Now all that's left is to DM and place your order to experience luxury delivered to your doorstep ✨