what is luxxaeri?

there is magic in every day

Luxxaeri is a brand committed to helping you find the beauty in each day. “It is a privilege to be.” “To live, is to experience.” “Let yourself be one of the lucky ones..” are just a few of our philosophies. Sometimes life sucks, but this doesn’t hold a candle to the good that we can spread in the world. Whether it’s a new idea, a photo that means a hell of a lot to us, or a plant we’ve managed to keep alive for a week, life is worth celebrating! Acknowledging these wins can make all the difference and be the seeds for more “luck” in the world. Besides, these are the every day luxuries of being alive, let’s celebrate them!

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it’s true, we have a youtube

hey y’all, if you know me you know I like to fricken talk lol. On my YouTube channel you’ll find opinions, grwm, hacks for self improvement, all invigorated with my two favorite ingredients- honesty and romanticization of seemingly common things, featuring my favorite songs and moods of the week.
Let’s glow baby. ✨
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Discussing my very real tattoos. ✌🏽💛

getting drunk and cleaning the house !!

Who do we feature?

“To creating a bright world, shimmering with authenticity”

we want to celebrate YOU in the truest sense! (not talking about nudie pictures lol)

We want to show real women, looking their best, talking about real life.

does this mean we are experts at airing our metaphorical lingerie? Absolutely. If I was going to put in words our mission, among other things, when we present content, we are all about seeing women in their element, looking their best, and not being afraid of it! I think sometimes we get scared and it can be tempting to sell ourselves short. We believe things like “that could never be me” and discount our own existence before anyone else does. Our heart is to show you that you do belong and that you are Front Page News. Whatever your strength, the world needs it and we are happy to have you here! Everyone has a best feature and we want to celebrate that. I hope this resonates with you, and finds you wonderful. 💛

-love from Luxxaeri 🌹✨