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I’m Nsenga, pronounced Na-sin-ja and I am so happy that you stopped by. I am here to be of service to YOU, that is my passion! I want to help YOU live a healthier and happier life. My hope is that after you spend some time on these pages, you will discover why a personalized THRIVE experience that I will tailor to your specific needs, may be able to change your life too. Please explore the site and links... then let’s chat (soon)!

Surviving to Thriving!

Introduction to THE Life Changing 3-Steps

Filling nutritional gaps and fueling your body...

Providing your body with the premium nutrients needed for sustained energy and overall wellness has never been easier. I partnered with the nutraceutical company Le-Vel, to bring premium grade nutritional supplements to my community while also building a business and helping others to do the same.

The beauty of our nutritional system is its simplicity and effectiveness... it’s easy and it works! Thrive products are all natural, premium grade, non-toxic, non-GMO, and gluten free. The 3-step nutritional system, which consist of capsules, ultra-micronized shake, and a DFT patch... “vitamin sticker” is what Thrive is known for.

A deeper look into the 3-step system...

Did someone say samples?

The sample challenge awaits you…

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