My fav manhwas/webtoons

My TOP 10 action/shounen manhwas

You’ve probably read some of these already but if you haven’t, def give them a try.!

1. Omniscient Reader

Special place in my heart💜😭the ending is just— I would give my life to Kim Dokja !
Completed Webnovel !

2. Lout of the Count’s Family

LOVE IT! It has regressors, transmigrators, isekai elements, etc.!!! Found family and an MC who becomes OP later on(isn’t that all MCs)

3. Tower of God

Don’t let the art-style stop you ! Also holds a special place in my heart. I love the reveals to our questions and the world building. Bam<3

4. Solo leveling

Literally I don’t know what it is, but the plot and the op Mc, is just perfect. I love happy endings.
Completed Webnovel

5. Noblesse

Completed, has an anime adaptation, DON’T let the old art style stop u from reading it! I do wish we got more details of Rai’s life.

6. A Returner’s Magic Should be Special

The first chapter had me emotional, LOL! Regression & an OP Mc?! Count me in! It’s a fun read, I find myself rereading it sometimes.

7. Peerless Dad

I can’t help but really love this manhwa! Did you know there’s a webnovel for this?! Super wholesome father & his kids.
Still ongoing sadly.

8. The Beginning After the End

I really like this story, had me very emotional at times. (Transmigration) Love our MC, and it might get sad later but def recommend!
Ongoing webnovel !

9. The Scholar’s Reincarnation

Another OP MC, but I love it ! Reincarnation but with memories of Mc’s past life, he was set up ! I’ve felt sadness and anger reading this story.

10. Volcanic Age

SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART !! I have a fondness for this story; regression/2nd chance. Cultivation/I love our MC.

My Top 10 romance/shoujo manhwas

HERE are the 10 Romance/Shoujo Manhwas I love the most !

You’ve probs read them before but if you haven’t you should !!!

1. Death is the Only Ending for the Villainess/Villains are Destined to Die

I LOVE THIS MANHWA SO MUCH! The emotions I felt reading this story 😭. Penelope is a strong female lead and I loved seeing her development. The ending was satisfying. Just know you’ll cry reading this story.