My name is Lydia Troupe and I am currently a student at Georgia Tech hoping to graduate in 2023.

My goal is to inspire and motivate everyone who comes to my page. I believe the world is very superficial, and a lot of people are caught up in this haze. I hope my page can help people see the light and dig deeper into themselves to see who they are.

Feel free to message me at any time.💛

Help bring equality

What I do


Want to know how I’ve been able to achieve healthy moisturized hair and smooth/even skin?🌸

Other than learning about my hair type(lol) it’s because of MONAT!!

I’m in a Compmay that is more than just selling vegan non cruelty hair and skin products . In fact, that’s the superficial part of it. I’m with a whole community of young women and men that have a entrepreneur mindset!

We as a community support each other, hang out with each other, plan travel trips with one another, and it’s family.🌞

Monat is such an amazing Compmay also supporting the #blacklivesmatter movement. They even scheduled a whole call and meeting for the community and are constantly posting ways the people can help. Not just reposting! 🌿

This is the mindset of what our biz is about!

My hobbies

Other than monat...
I have to say that being apart of this Compmay has given me so much time to do the things I love while making $$$!

•photography business
•start up my art business
•Take summer classes
•Hang our with friends and travel !
•Meet new friends with the same vision as me!


My insta Photograohy account is still very new! But I’m glad I’ve already started to get booked with bookings !

“By Lydia” art

Here is the link to my art work that I do.