It's finally time to take a stand with what you truly believe in to solve unwanted problems and find true happiness

It's time to dream big and take it

Hey there my lovelies!
I'm Lydia @skyiiflower
I am beyond happy to notice you taking the time you can out of your busy schedule, to have a look at my page!

Now a little bit about myself before we start. xo

I am an enthusiastic 19 year old hard working and making every second of my day count.
I work in hospitality serving hungry customers, traveling heavy, training my beautiful new puppy, exercising on the daily and finding every spare moment I can to add a bright story on my socials for my loved ones and for the friends I haven't met yet!

Nevertheless at more then one point in my life having to worry about such financial problems from my past is quite scary.
I was homeless at one point in my life and I was 17 years old it was frightening.. during all winter.
I met beautiful and kind people whom took me in and just as I started to get back up on my feet.

I found my way in life again but it doesn't end there!

I found these beautiful Bright wemon that are currently helping me with so much more then I could ever ask for its insane!! But such an exciting experience.

But now let's get into some of the good stuff shall we!

My number 1 Misson here is to help other BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHT people no matter the issue and help them feel comfortable with themselves again.

By providing YOU with a mentorship to dedicate the lost love for yourself to be found once again.
Having the ability to be your own boss While working an outside job, being a full time parent, or even studying.
There is always time for something if you set your mind to it okay lovelies :)

We're looking to expand the efforts you and us share and making that $$$ you need now more then ever for yourself
Along with making endless Amount of REAL friendships around the globe.

If this sounds like something YOU would love to be interested in.
Always feel free to DM me whenever you're ready to

All questions and inquires are welcome

Sincerely Lydia :)