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Hello everyone I’m Lynda! I am a mom blogger and content creator. I love sharing just about everything that makes me happy. I am blessed to be a mama to a precious little boy named Máximo Valentino who stole my heart at first sight just like his daddy did. We will be welcoming our second baby this winter.
I enjoy working and networking with different brands that my family and I love and can incorporate into our lifestyle.
We currently live in the beautiful state of Nevada where we bought our first home together.
Come along as we learn and go on adventures as newly parents and everything in between.

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Luvs Partnership

Maximo is showing us how painting for the first time is done like a pro. It might get a little messy but with Luvs Triple Leakguards Diapers and wetness indicator; I know that at least one mess will be contained.
Unbeatable price and fun animal prints too!

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We do!

Who else still uses their Boppy?

Who else still uses their @boppycompany pillow? 🧸👶🏻 We do! I am proud to say that we accomplished 15 months of breastfeeding 🤱🏻 and it wasn’t easy the first couple of months we had a lactation consultant to guide us on overcoming certain issues such as getting a good latch, bruised and chap 🍈 😣 and such. It definitely was an incredible experience for the both of us. As a new mother I am forever grateful in learning new experiences with this little guy and I will do anything that is best for him. Nourishment from my body to my son was never a question I hesitated with. I always knew I would continue breastfeeding him as long as he needed it or wanted it. At 15 months was him pulling away and wanting to drink from his own bottle since he was full on running across the rooms and was able to drink his milk at the same time lol
Love my little independent boy! Here he is looking all grown up using his boppy as he watches his favorite show @blippiofficial
Boppy $30
Boppy cover $19

Items can be found in link below ✨

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We love our Elephant Plush

You seen me grow with it✨

Delta Children


Máximo and I Love his new #gifted @deltachildren Space Adventures toy organizer 🌌💫🚀 The bright colors immediately grabbed my son’s attention and he enjoyed the reusable stickers it comes with to give it his own personalize touch. It’s made out of sturdy wood and took me 5 minutes to assemble. It’s a great size for any space you need extra storage and toddler size friendly.
Just look at that cheesy smile 😊 Thank you @deltachildren my son is happy with his new fun design organizer.
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What are your plans for the weekend? —

We are enjoying this beautiful sunny day! On our way to the splash pad park for some fun 👶🏻🧢🧸
You can find our new @safety_1st Car seat on my Amazon Store link below👍🏼 and our @hafmall_official waterproof baby tote.
What are you guys up to this weekend? ✨

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Celebrating Your First Year of Life

It Has Been An Adventure With You

365 days with you my little love✨ I am incredibly amaze by you!! Everything you have brought into my life since the day I found out I was pregnant with you✨I am forever thankful for having you in my life and beyond blessed to be your mama✨ I love you so much baby✨Happy First Birthday Máximo Valentino✨
This smile melts me every time; he is such a joy and brings so much happiness to mama and daddy! We are so blessed to have such a healthy, smart, happy boy!
I wanted to share my birth story but I seriously don’t even know where to start my labor was 27 hours long and it was an incredible experience all emotions combine. I am just so thankful of having an amazing husband who was there the entire time comforting me and holding my hand. My boys are my everything.✨

We went on a much needed family trip to celebrate our sons first birthday and it was so much fun to say the least ⛰
The beginning of many family adventures🧗‍♀️⛰🍂 🎒 👶🏻 The look on his little face is priceless!!!

My forever hiking boys⛰❄️
It was a struggle hiking in the slippery iced @zion.national.park we slipped and fell a couple of times⛰❄️
Our one hour hike was definitely worth it with this beautiful scenery ⛰❄️👶🏻🎒

Many first experiences for our little birthday boy and we are definitely planning on going back and hiking longer trails 🌲⛰🧗‍♀️🦌🍂🎒👶🏻 my little Maximo’s red cold nose, poor baby it was freezing even though he had 2 layers of clothing. Next time we will try to go when is not snowing 🌲⛰🧗‍♀️🦌🍂🎒👶🏻
You have the entire world to conquer my little love!!
Happy First Birthday

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My first born

Wondery Media

The official Bachelor Podcast

I am absolutely loving this Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with Rachel and Ali in action. I been a fan of the Bachelor since the beginning of time lol; in this first episode we get all the juicy details about Peter! “Drop the mic.” This is the only official Bachelor Podcast. Everyone go listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or at #ad @wonderymedia