Lynda M Bird

Helping People reach their goals to create a profitable income in the on line space

Creating an income online is one thing I had never thought would be for me.
How wrong was I.
I had no prior experience working in the online space, and had worked within the agricultural sector most of my life.
Being a NaN of five, I needed to change something to allow more time to spend with my Grandchildren .
I can guarantee, I’m living life on my terms now.
I’m creating a legacy for my family💦 I’m making an impact on the planet
And would love to help like minded people do the same💦

A Bit About Me

I’v’e always loved and lived on the land

🌾. I’ve worked within the Agricultural industry( live and breathe it) most of my life.
I have three children. ( I couldn’t be prouder of), who have their own young families.
I’m a Nan of five, this love is just something else😍
I run my hubby’s logging business as well.
I moved into this amazing online business with no experience what so ever.
I saw my friend posting and sat on the fence for a while. It got the better of me right. I saw her soaring. I had to have this.
My only regret is waiting. 🌱Now is the time to dive in to this epic business . Don’t be a fence sitter like me . Just do it 💦 xx
Check out the link below.

How These Amazing two Country Women Have Created Abundace In The Online Space With No Prior Experience